Immigration Agreement for Canada & Ontario Extended

The Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement has obtained an extension for a period of one year. This agreement was formed in 2005 within the governments of two states. It was meant to exist for the period of five years. $920 million were granted for new programs pertaining to immigration during this period. The aim of these programs was to develop integration and supporting immigration to reach and realize their true potential. This money funds all the language training services, settlement services, partnerships with municipalities, temporary foreign worker programs as well the Immigration website of Ontario. This website caters to all the information pertaining to the public as well as the new migrants.

The various accomplishments of the program involve language training for immigrants, strategic plan for settlement, making employers and organizations aware about the rights and responsibilities pertaining to temporary foreign workers.

This agreement was signed by the Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister for Canada, Jason Kenney, and by the Minister for Citizenship and Immigration for Ontario, Dr. Eric Hoskins.

According to Kenney, the extension of this agreement clearly indicates the dedication towards constant association which could better attract as well as retain the immigrants in the nation. More so, it would also help for the better integration of these migrants into the local Ontario communities. Also, it would help find new ways to lead to better outcomes.

With the extension in place, another $320 million dollars have been given to Ontario for the next year. Apart from this, a grant of $108 million as funding for annual settlement has also been provided. These funds would be used as assistance for creating more programs and offering services to immigrants and at the same time, attract more foreigners to Ontario.

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