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Do you want to live overseas in one of the most developed global economies? Do you wish to obtain the citizenship of one of the most targeted overseas destinations? Apply for Australian citizenship! Yes, you will not get a better overseas destination than the Kangaroo Land! Hire trusted and experienced immigration and visa agents to successfully apply for Australian citizenship! Australian Citizenship Requirements

Since the institution of the Australian citizenship, way back during 1949, 4 million-plus migrants have received the much sought after Australian citizenship. At present, approximately 95% of the nation’s population have citizenship and an additional 900,000 permanent residents may obtain it.

Apply for Australian Citizenship

Several important steps are involved in the journey to acquiring the citizenship of the country even while the last and concluding legal step, for the maximum number of individuals is to make a Pledge of Commitment at a citizenship ceremony. Usually, you will be sent an invite to take part in a citizenship ritual at your local council inside 3 months of being sanctioned, even though the waiting times may differ.

Why Apply For Australian Citizenship?

Many benefits will greet you if you become a citizen of this great country.

Let’s check some of them!

  1. To begin with, you will get the chance to become a part of the thriving Australian society.
  2. You will get the right to cast your votes;
  3. You will receive the right to submit an application for an Australian passport;
  4. You will obtain the right to gain admission into the country, minus a visa for Australia (if you have an Australian passport);
  5. You will get the right to take part in specific visa schemes with the nations across the globe;
  6. You will get the right to contest elections at the various levels in the Australian governments;
  7. You will obtain the right to do a job for the public service;
  8. You will receive the right to submit an application for work in the Australian Public Service or in the Australian Defence Forces;
  9. You will receive the right to register your children born overseas as the citizens by descent;
  10. You will get the chance to have kids born as Australian citizens in case born on-shore;
  11. You will obtain the right to get assistance and support from an Australian officer while out-of-the-country.
  12. You will get exemption from being exiled from Australia unless you received your citizenship, via unlawful ways.

Apply for Australian Citizenship—Australian Citizenship Major Requirements

In general, to successfully apply for Australian citizenship, you will require to:

  1. Be a migrant who has the Australia Permanent Residency (PR) rights in the country.
  2. Fulfil the different terms & conditions for residence.
  3. Reside, or keep on living, in Australia or maintain a rather close and continuing relationship with the country.
  4. Be of a reasonably good character with a 100% clean record in case you are either 18 years old or more.

Canberra Makes Citizenship Changes

In what could be called an important development and a big overhaul of the nation’s citizenship law, Canberra has reportedly made public that the migrants keen in citizenship will have to accept the Australian values and fulfil the English language conditions.

A new citizenship test — apart from reviewing their pledge to the country, their approach towards gender equality and if they have embraced the Australian social values — will also test their English expertise on the parameters of reading, writing and listening.

In case a candidate does not successfully clear the test three times, they will have to cool their heels for a period of two years, prior to they get the permission to face the test once more.

It will be compulsory for the aspirants, looking for citizenship, to exhibit that they have become a part of the unique Australian society by manner of joining clubs, work and registering their kids in schools.

Significantly, the latest laws would also require that the candidates have residency rights in the country for a period of four years — up from the present one year.

Now since you know some crucial facts about the subject, what are you waiting for? Apply For Australian Citizenship! Get in touch with immigration experts TODAY!

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