Figure Out Who Can Apply for Australian Citizenship!

Are you one of those go-getting people wishing to become the citizen of Australia? If yes, apply for Australian Citizenship! We, at Abhinav Outsourcings, have the necessary expertise and experience to guide and help you successfully apply for Australian Citizenship, and eventually become a citizen of this great country.

Among the many developed global economies, the name of Australia occupies a very crucial place. Also known as ‘Down Under’, ‘the Kangaroo Land’ and ‘Oz’, this amazing country is a dream destination for many. Its Permanent Residency (PR) and citizenship are the prized commodities, and much sought after by countless migrants like you.

apply for Australian citizenship

Citizenship of the country will be a vital step in your migration journey even as obtaining the status will denote that you will make an ongoing commitment to the nation and everything that the hotspot symbolizes. It will also be the starting of your official membership of the thriving and highly developed Australian society.

The nation’s citizenship will be a big honour and provide massive rewards to you. By acquiring the status, you will join a unique national society.

Who Can Apply?

You can successfully apply for Australian Citizenship in case you happen to be one of these:

  1. Born abroad to a citizen of Australia.
  2. Adopted by a citizen of the country.
  3. Migrant with the prized Permanent Residence status.
  4. Other half or partner of a citizen of the country.
  5. A citizen of New Zealand staying in Australia.
  6. Kid of a previous citizen of Australia.
  7. Commonwealth Child Migration Scheme arrival.
  8. Either a refugee or a humanitarian candidate.
  9. An individual born in Papua, prior to independence in 1975.

Now let’s talk in detail the number 1 & 3 options!

Citizenship by Descent

In case you happen to be born to a citizen of the Australia (that is one of your parents had citizenship when you were born), then you have a right to apply for Australian citizenship, it does not matter which is your nation of origin or birth.

In case a parent afterward loses their citizenship standing for any specific reason, you will still be a citizen of Australia.

An individual becomes a citizen on the date they are duly registered as a citizen by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). A certificate of citizenship is given at the time of registration even while it is called citizenship by descent.

Important: In case you were born in the country from January 26, 1949 to August 20, 1986, then you can apply for Australian citizenship. After that is sanctioned, a petition for a passport can be duly made.

A birth in the Australia, post August 20, 1986 does not inevitably lead to citizenship, with the reason being the nationality and position of the parents will decide if a claim to citizenship can be successfully made.

Citizenship via Residency

Citizenship can be offered, post a period of non-stop residency (four years) in Australia on a qualifying visa, comprising one year as with the PR status.

Cases of visas & positions that make the cut for non-stop residency comprise: Skilled migration, Parent Visas, Partner of an individual with an employer-sponsored visa, and Permanent Residency Visa.

Cases of visas & positions that do not make the grade for non-stop residency comprise: unlawful residency, Student Visas, Business Long Stay Visas, Tourist Visas, Non-eligible New Zealand citizens (comprising their other half or relatives), and Investor Retirement Visas.

Australian Citizenship — Duties & Privileges

As a permanent resident of the country, you must have already enjoyed residing in a 100% free and self-ruled society. When you obtain the nation’s citizenship, you will be greeted with a range of advantages. But you will also have to fulfil some duties.


For want of space, here let’s find out what will be the duties for you! We will talk about the privileges the next time.

In your capacity as an Australian citizen you will have to:

  1. Follow the law of the land.
  2. Defend the Country if the requirement crops-up.
  3. Serve on a jury in case asked to do it.
  4. Cast your vote in the federal & state or territory polls, and also in a plebiscite.

Get in touch with Abhinav Outsourcings today if you want to apply for Australian citizenship!

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