Apply for Bulgaria Immigration Investment Visa

If it is Europe that figures in your investment plans, apply for the Bulgaria Immigration Investment Visa!

It is not every day that your country is counted as one of the most sought-after nations by the business immigrants. But remarkably the republic stays at the top of the world by attracting a high number of the foreign investors, like a moth to a flame. With the growing number of the migrants to the republic, seeking business-related benefits from it, it is high time that the national government made some necessary amendments in its visa programmes.

This is how the Bulgaria Immigration Investment Visa was brought into existence to benefit the foreign trades and increase the always-increasing investment tourists to the nation.

Bulgaria Immigration Investment Visa
Bulgaria Immigration Investment Visa

What does this programme have to offer its users?

Unlike before, the programme now allows individuals and families of high net-worth to obtain the Bulgarian Permanent Residence permit with the rest of European citizen advantages. Even more, benefitting is the physical exemption, which the individual and its family members enjoy during the 5-year residency period. This directly means that these residents can hold on their PR status for as long as they keep the investment active in the country, irrespective of studying or working elsewhere, in the world.

What makes a foreign investor eligible for the investment programme?

This scheme is completely benefits the rich foreign investors. Therefore, the first pre-requisite needed from an applicant is that they hold sufficient funds in support of their application. These funds must continue for as long as they seek to stay in the nation.

Another important aspect to satisfy the eligibility to apply for the investment programme is that the funds the candidates represent in their possession, should be obtained legally and not under any sort of criminal investigation.

How does the investment plan benefit the country?

  • The Investor Visa Programme is tied to developing real estate in the nation which also requires the foreign nationals to select a specific piece of land which is supposed to benefit the investment.
  • It can be used to improve the country’s schooling system or a specific industry or in the establishment of infrastructure, such as stadium and concert halls.
  • The investment can also be used to generate employment as the investor starts his investments or perhaps starts a new industry.
  • The most crucial aspect of this programme is that the foreign national manages and oversees the investment made by them. This is to make sure that the investment is either used for growing the existing business sector of the nation or else establishing an entirely fresh and new commercial enterprise there in. 

Do you need the Investor Program and apply for the Bulgaria Immigration Investment Visa?

If you wish to seek a global recognition to your business or enterprise, you should definitely apply for the Bulgarian Investment Immigration Programme. Secondly, if you have enough funds to invest in the country’s growth and economy you will receive Bulgaria’s permanent residency with all the rights that the citizens of Europe enjoy.

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