Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment May Be Your Best Bet

You may not really know but the Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment could be your best decision. Being the member of World Trade Organization (WTO), the Republic of Bulgaria has always attracted investors from across the world. On account of its close rapport and promising diplomacy with Turkey, Russia, Serbia, and the Republic of Macedonia, you are always given the assurance of judicious returns from Bulgarian investment.

For the investors, the Bulgarian citizenship by investment can also end up being a promising option to take. If you wish to get naturalized in the republic and enjoy social welfare and other advantages given to the citizens, in that case, through the pathway of investment, you can grab that easily.

Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment
Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment

Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment

Under the Bulgarian Permanent Resident Programme, foreign nations outside of the European Union (EU) can get the citizenship status by meeting a few basic requirements. The Bond Investment Programme demands investment in the Bulgarian Government Bonds. The demand should stand pegged at BGN 1 Million or EUR 512,000 with a lock-in period of five years. Applying under this bond programme, you will not be entitled to receive the interest but principal only after the completion of the period.

In order to turn yourself eligible for the scheme, perform the following functions:

  1. Have a net worth of BGN 1,000,000 (EUR 512,000)
  2. The investment should be in a fully investment government bond.
  3. An authorized letter summarizing the character certification from an authorized department must be presented during the application.
  4. Make two trips to Bulgaria during the time period of six months.

The immigrants can stay in Bulgaria under the investor visa for five years, and upon the completion of the 5-year time they can submit an application for the much sought after Bulgarian citizenship.

The Bulgarian Residency Programme results in the following benefits for the investor:

  1. Quick Processing of the Residency within 6-9 months
  2. Language parameters are no bar
  3. Dual citizenship enforced
  4. Full family residency given
  5. Bulgarian passport power with diplomatic nations

How Certified Immigration Agents like Abhinav Can Help You?

When you bring certified immigration service provider onboard, they will help you out with the paperwork and other formalities. The visa interview could be the game changer for the application. Candidates are hurled different questions that might cover any aspect of the country. As the immigration agents have to deal with the visa interviews and question pattern, they somewhat anticipate the contents of the interview. Accordingly, they will train and develop the applicants.

Once you have aced the visa interview, you are done and ready to board your next flight to the destination under the investor programme. After you have lived for a stipulated period of time, the immigration agents can help you file for naturalization.

Bulgarian citizenship by Investment could be your best option to pick. Discuss with your immigration service provider about the probable possibilities.

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