Apply For Bridging Visas 1 Month In Advance, Urges Canberra!

Are you planning to obtain a Bridging Visas B for Australia sometime in the future? If yes, check this news report!

It says that the Australian Department of Home Affairs (DHA) has made it public that it would not allow face-to-face petitions for these visas anymore. Against this backdrop, it has advised the aspirants interested to get the visa to submit an application for the visas not less than 3 to 4 weeks before the expected date of journey.

In an official statement, released recently in this connection, the DHA has declared that it is making an effort to alter its online channel to a self-service model for majority of the services. The immigration office will only proffer in-person service to those visa candidates who have obtained invitation from the DHA for an interview, starting later on in 2018. Presently, more visas will be lodged either online or via the post since the DHA, reportedly, thinks that the same will increase the pace of the visa procedure through its latest website.

Still, the DHA has, reportedly, accepted the truth that some specific difficult visas and citizenship matters could still necessitate more thought. The DHA will keep on giving appointments to candidates where required. In certain situations wherein it is found that it’s essential for the DHA to meet the candidate in person, an Officer from the organization would either fix an appointment or a call.

Australian Department of Home Affairs

The DHA would continue to provide in-person services in these particular situations, namely, Biometrics collection, Resolution of status, Interviews for certain subclasses of Visas and Citizenship test via appointment.

Thanks to the changes mentioned above, the DHA has urged the global travelers to submit an application for the Bridging Visas not less than one month earlier. Allegedly, ending face-to-face consultations could result in more wait times, in the process, restricting the capacity of the candidates to positively address lodgement matters well on time.

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