Are You International Student & Interested In Obtaining Australian PR?

Are you one of those international students pursuing studies in Australia who wishes to become a permanent resident in the country one day? If yes, check this blog! It is for the students like you who are already pursuing studies in the overseas hotspot. For the aspirants like you getting an Australia Permanent Residency (PR) is indeed a top priority.

The Kangaroo Land enjoys high popularity and is widely favored by all, especially the global students even as most of the various Australian universities have a strong reputation globally.

Significantly, the universities in Down Under have a rather strong status worldwide and several of them find a place in the top 100 of the QS World University Rankings. Only the US and the UK boasts of a higher figure of universities in the said rankings. Universities of Oz are also known to be strong advocates of internationalization, and are famed for rolling-out a red carpet welcome to large figures of global students every year.

Australian PR Important Facts

What’s Australia PR?

It’s a special status given to a person that entitles him to do a job and live in the country, on a permanent basis and with no limitations whatsoever. A permanent resident is a person who is basically a non-national and has an Australian Permanent Visa. The holders of such a visa obtain majority of the rights & privileges that greet the citizens of the nation. For example, they have access to the highly useful National Health Scheme (NHS), Medicare, managed and offered by the Australian Government. But, only the citizens of the nation have access to Higher Education Loan Programme (HELP) which permits students to manage the expenses of the tuition charges of their college education.

How to become an Australia Permanent Resident?

You can obtain the prized status and become the proud holder of a PR Visa after successfully completing your graduation. You can do it via the popular and the extensively used SkillSelect Migration Programme. Also known as the General Skilled Migration (GSM) Scheme, it’s essentially a speedy and innovative online system that permits aspirants to be considered for a Skilled Visa, post presenting an Expression of Interest (EOI).

It is required that your EOI carries your personal specifics related to your education & employment experience. You would also require giving a nominated profession and offering the particulars of the Skill Assessment for your particular nominated line-of-work. You would also require presenting your English language ability scores.

Obtaining Australian PR


Best Visa Option

If one talks about the best possible option for international graduates, then it is none other than well, you guessed it right, the Subclass 189 (Skilled Independent Visa). It’s for trained employees who are from 18 to 45 years old and who lack either sponsorship from an Australian state or territory, or nomination from a recruiter/firm or family member in Down Under. With this visa, you can do a job, pursue studies, and reside in the overseas hotspot with complete PR rights.

How to make your chances of PR better?

Through numerous manners you may make your chances of getting an Australian PR better. You may receive valuable employment experience in the nation via submitting an application for the Subclass 485 Visa in the wake of successfully completing your studies. Improving your English language ability scores and getting advanced education may be some additional methods to dramatically perk up your chances. You also have the excellent option of completing a Professional Year Programme (PYP). These are basically professional development courses that are tailored to assist you receive a formal education along with workplace learning. These are obtainable in the domains of computer science, engineering, and accounting.

What’s Points Test?

It is the nation’s method of reviewing the eligibility of a candidate. As per the requirements, candidates must get not less than 65 points (earlier 60) to make the grade for a Australia PR Visa. Points are given on the ground of age, education, employment experience, and English ability. If you have successfully completed either a diploma or a degree or a trade qualification in an educational institution in the Kangaroo Land, some additional points will greet you. The course should be CRICOS acknowledged though and should have continued for not less than 16 months.

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