Top 10 Highest Paying Occupations in Australia

Are you a skilled worker and want to work in Australia and wish to figure out which are the highest paying occupations in Australia? If yes, check this blog, and on the basis of the information shared here, take a mature and calculated decision related to Australia Immigration.

A new report shows that the Australian Tax Office (ATO), the concerned organization, has made new statistics public offering an insight into the highest paying professions in the nation this year, in 2018. While nearly all major professions in the list of the top 10 professions are from the medical background, these necessitate numerous years of study and tremendously demanding work hours.

Top 10 Highest Paying Professions in Down Under

Surgeons: On the basis of taxable income skilled Surgeons head the chart of the top 10 highest paid employees. These in-demand professionals, by and large, pocket 393,467 Australian Dollars every year, according to the available information.

Anesthetists: These in-demand professionals grab the second spot with a yearly income of 359,056 Australian Dollars.

Internal Medicine Specialists: These professionals with a yearly income of 291,140 Australian Dollars trail the Anesthetists and occupy the third position in the list of the top 10 occupations.

Finance Dealer: With a yearly income of 263,309 Australian Dollars, the lone non-medical profession in the leading 5 is the Finance Dealer.

Psychiatrists: Psychiatrists who take home an annual salary of 211,024 Australian Dollars every year occupy the fifth spot.

Other Medical Practitioners: These in-demand professionals came sixth with a yearly income of 199,590 Australian Dollars.

Judicial and Other Legal Professionals: These professionals found a place on the seventh spot in the chart with the wages of 198,219 Australian Dollars every year.

Mining Engineers: Mining Engineers with a yearly income of 166,557 Australian Dollars occupied the eighth position in the list.

Chief Executives and Managing Directors: These professionals found a spot at the ninth position with a yearly wages of 158,249 Australian Dollars.

Engineering Managers: The last spot in the top 10 professions went to the Engineering Managers with a yearly wages of 148,852 Australian Dollars.

Are you one of these professionals? If yes, you are a lucky person. If you are not but your occupation features in the latest Australian in-demand list, you still are a lucky man.

Significantly, out of the top leading highest paying jobs, the majority of the Aussies mentioned their specific line-of-work as Chief Executive Officer on their tax return. Close-to 166,741 nationals of Oz listed the CEO as their profession. Against this, just 3822 persons in Down Under mentioned their particular line-of-work as Surgeons on their tax returns.

The ATO, behind this news report, reportedly mined its statistics from nearly 16 million tax returns filed by 13.5 million persons and also 940,000 associations, joint ventures, super funds, besides funds.

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