Make Your Chances of Obtaining Australian PR Better, Know How to Do It!

Australian PR : Are you a student pursuing studies in Australia or keen to do it, and want to become a permanent resident in the country in the future? Well, check the piece to figure out how you can do it!

Every year, numerous global students like you shift to the overseas hotspot for higher studies. Several of them want to settle down in the overseas hotspot, post successfully completing their studies even while the most extensively used method for such students to settle in the nation is via applying for Permanent Residency using the path of the Skilled Independent Visa (Subcategory 189).

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) runs SkillSelect or the General Skilled Migration (GSM) even as it is entirely dependent on the nation’s specific labor market requirements. While studying in Oz alone does not assure a PR, many manners are there via which you can make your chances of obtaining it.

GSM Requirements

You require fulfilling the Australia Study Requirements. It denotes that you to your credit must have completed a study course in the nation that with a duration of not less than 2 years. While the options of online & distance education cannot be harnessed for the purpose, you have the option of making up for the 2-year duration by studying many courses in the Kangaroo Land. Besides, your age must be from 18 to 45. You require having not less than a score of 6 on IELTS or a comparable in either the PTE or the TOEFL. You also require nominating a profession on the nation’s Skilled Occupation List (SOL). You also require holding a positive Skill Assessment for your particular nominated line-of-work.

Make Your Chances of Obtaining Australian PR Better

GSM Programme – How to Make Your Chances Better?

As mentioned before, through several manners you can improve your chances of getting PR. Check some of them here!

Obtain a higher qualification: Develop your knowledge and skill set via obtaining a higher qualification. It denotes moving on from your diploma to a Bachelor’s degree or from your Masters to a doctoral degree. While a diploma fetches you 10 points on the GSM point’s grid, with a Bachelors/ Masters, you can pocket 15 points. And with a Doctoral Degree, you may pocket 20 points on the GSM grid.

Reside in Oz: Apply for the Subclass 485 (Temporary Graduate) Visa, post successfully completing your specific study course. Two streams under the Subclass 485 Visa are available, namely, the Graduate stream and the Post-Study Work Stream. While the former permits you to do a job in the nation for a maximum period of 18 months or one-and-a-half year, the latter enables you to do a job for anywhere between 2 and 4 years in Down Under. Get precious Australian work experience during this time and also make your English language ability better. Work experience gained in the Kangaroo Land earns you more points on the GSM point’s grid.

Make your English skills better: Though obtaining a competent score on English, which is a score of 6 on IELTS, makes you entitled, you do not receive any points for your language ability. On the other hand, with proficient English, that is, a score of 7 on IELTS, you will earn 10 points. And with a Superior English or an IELTS score of 8, you will pocket 20 points.

Pursue studies in a regional area: Those who successfully complete their Australia Study Requirement of 2 years from a regional area gain an extra 5 points.

Get important employment experience: The more the figures of the years of experience you obtain in your nominated profession, the more points fall in your lap. If you have an experience of even 1 year in the nation, you can get an extra 5 points. You may also earn employment experience points for your preceding employment experience in the nominated profession abroad.

Think about your age: Age may extremely influence your points. In case you are between the age group of 25 and 32, you receive the highest points, which is 30 points.

Complete a PYP: A Professional Year Programme is nothing but basically a professional development scheme that mixes recognized education with employment experience gained in the nation. Those who successfully complete a year-long PYP not only get the prized Australian work experience but also receive an extra 5 points. At present, the PYPs are obtainable in the domains of Engineering, Computer Science, and Accounting. With a view to pocket extra points, it is compulsory that the course has been pursued in your nominated profession, in a closely associated line-of-work.

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