Work Out How You Can Apply for Permanent Residence in Australia without Difficulty

Are you a candidate for the prized Permanent Residence in Australia? If yes, check this blog!

It is no secret that the Australian Permanent Residence (PR) Scheme has proved to be blessing for the PR aspirants. It has proved to be a blessing for the Australian firms/recruiters also battling regional skill famines. The PR Plan has also proved extremely useful for the different Australian state & territory governments even as presently they are busy settling the migrants through the regional Australia.

There is no dearth of those overseas immigration motivated people who wish to get the cherished Australia PR. But why there is such a high craze for obtaining the said status? Well, if you have the PR rights, you will get numerous rights and facilities, including the right to become a citizen of Australia eventually.

Let’s check what those rights and privileges are!

Rights of Australian Permanent Residents

  1. You can stay in the country indefinitely.
  2. You can do a job and have full work rights in Australia.
  3. You also get full study rights in the country, and can make the cut for the prized Austudy and lower educational charges than are given by the global students in Down Under.
  4. Once you settle in the Kangaroo Land, you can make the cut for Medicare. It’s the Australian national health insurance provider.

But, you will not make the grade for complete social security benefits at once even as these would only come your way two years post you have shifted to the hotspot.

  1. You are entitled to apply for the nation’s citizenship provided you fulfill the necessary terms & conditions.
  2. You can sponsor your family members to become a permanent citizen in the country.

Indians in Australia

Down Under has a large number of Indians who have migrated to it for various objects. The nation provides numerous rewarding employment opportunities to all, including the Indians. Students from India are permitted to get registered in the finest Australian Universities for superior education. One can find many Indian people living across various areas of Australia. Majority of the people from India, who have moved to the hotspot, have well settled in there in.

How to apply for Australian PR effortlessly?

You can follow a stepwise procedure to present an application for Permanent Residence in Australia. After you have gathered every required certificate/paper, and chosen the visa stream, present your Expression of Interest (EOI) to SkillSelect. It’s an excellent online arrangement that processes the requests or the EOIs obtained for the Australian Visas. Your presented profile will be offered definite point total, even while it must not be less than 60 points.

Now cool your heels for the reply from the concerned officials. In case your profile is picked-up, you will get an invitation for the preferred visa. Now, you require collecting all your important papers and attach these with the application form. Present the correctly filled petition together with every necessary paper to the immigration bureau inside 60 days of the receipt of your invitation.

How easy is it to receive Permanent Residence in Australia?

Oz runs a point based immigration arrangement for the major Permanent Residence Visas (PRVs), namely, Skilled Independent Subcategory 189 Visa, and Skilled Nominated Subcategory 190 Visa, among others.

So, your choice for any of the permanent visas will essentially depend on your total point score on SkillSelect, on the basis of your age, qualification, employment experience, and English Language, besides other conditions. In case your point score is above 60-65, you have a very good possibility of getting the Invitation to Apply (the ITA) for Permanent Residence in Australia. Hence, the first thing you require doing is to find out your point total on the Immigration Point Calculator.

It is mandatory that you have good IELTS (International English Language Testing System) test total for the English Language Proficiency. While the IELTS Level 7 will fetch you 10 points, the IELTS 8 will fetch you 20 points. Likewise, you also require doing well on other profile characteristics, namely, employment experience, and qualification, among others.

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