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Australia Immigration Visa from Delhi

Are you based in or around Delhi, and interested in Australia immigration? To put it differently, are you keen to get Australia immigration visa from Delhi? Well, if yes, this blog is for you. Check it and get some relevant information on the subject even while you end up getting an Australia immigration visa from Delhi sooner or later.

Australia Immigration Visa from Delhi
Australia Immigration Visa from Delhi

You need to have a valid visa to enter Australia. And the visa process could be pretty complex. Given this, it is decisive to find out what Australian Visas are up-for-grabs, and what the requirements are for each when you make a plan to move to the said hotspot.

Since Australia Immigration may be a difficult procedure, obtain expert advice and support from either the MARA registered Australian Immigration Consultants or get in touch with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

Abhinav Visa Consultants are well-known agents dealing with Australia Immigration Visa from Delhi. With their bureaus running excellently well from Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore they serve the whole range of the Australian Visas. Permanent Resident Visas (PRVs), Temporary Work Visas, Tourist Visas, Family Visas, Business Migration Visas, Skilled Migration Visas…the list is long and pretty impressive.

In Delhi, they are located at Nehru Place even as they operate out of Devika Tower–the prominent landmark in Nehru Place. If it is Australia that fuels your overseas immigration aspirations, and you want an Australia immigration visa from Delhi, contact them for the needed guidance and support.

You will not be disappointed and proffered all possible support and guidance–right from selecting the right visa category to submitting the visa application with all the required certificates and documents to facing the crucial interview.

Applying for Australia Skilled Migration Visa

Suppose you want to apply for an Skilled Australia Immigration Visa from Delhi, you will be told that the first step in the process of the Points Tested Skilled Migration or General Skilled Migration (GSM) is to present an Expression of Interest (EOI) in SkillSelect. For those not tuned in, SkillSelect is the DIBP’s online arrangement for helping with the skilled migration procedure.

The facility is employed to put forward an EOI for every skilled visa subcategory comprising points tested Skilled Migration Visas, Employer Sponsored Visas and Business Visas.

In case you possess expertise, and wish to submit an application for a points tested Skilled Australia Immigration Visa from Delhi or for that matter any other place, to shift to Down Under, you require presenting an Expression of Interest (EOI) and fulfilling the conditions for the specific visa subcategory you want to exhibit an interest in.

Post your EOI has been presented, you could get an invite to present an application for a Skilled Migration Visa. In case you get an invite, you will have 60 days to submit a visa application which will be reviewed by a processing team against the visa subcategory conditions. Every specific visa has different eligibility conditions and it is compulsory that you also fulfill these. You need to take a look at the eligibility conditions of every visa before presenting your EOI.

At the time of invitation, it is required that you nominate a profession given on the applicable Skilled Occupation List (SOL).

While we are on the subject, let’s check this news report!

Canberra Extends Online Visa Petitions to Indian Candidates

From this July, people from India–keen to make a trip to the Kangaroo Land–may use the facility to submit an application for visas online.

The pronouncement to make it simpler for the Indian people to make a Visitor Visa application is component of a worldwide roll out of online schemes; however, it also comes when Oz is seeing an all-time high demand from India.

As per Alex Hawke–the incumbent Australian Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection–with the nation emerging as a more popular holiday hotspot for the people from India, the positive development will allow them to experience a more restructured arrangement.

Allegedly, the petitions that are presented, via the electronic method, and also those that offer every needed detail and supporting papers, at the time of submission, are usually processed faster, vis-à-vis incomplete petitions or petitions necessitating more data.

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