Many people are looking forward to work and study in Canada for the past few years. But in the past it has been observed that there are many people who are looking for establishing some business in the country also. Well those who are interested in going to Canada have to apply for the visa applications.

There are many kinds of formalities and legalities to be completed by the people when following the Canadian Visa process. For this they can consult the immigration office or can even go to the Canada Visa Bureau. The people applying for different purposes have to fill different forms. Therefore the rules and regulations of the visa differ and also the procedure.

Those who are applying for establishing business and to work in the country have to fill the form differently and the Canadian Visa process for them is different as compared to those who are applying to study and to stay permanently or temporarily in the country.

The Canadian Visa process for the people who want to work must provide the details of their residential proof, evidence of the business and the working plan or operational plan. Those who are applying to study have to give the evidence of the university they are coming from and they are applying for. Those who are thinking to stay in the country permanently have to provide the people with the reason why they wish to stay in the country with necessary details.

The procedure includes filling up the assessment for to know whether they are applicable or not. After that filling the visa application and giving the necessary details required. Then there is a short interview with the visa officer who likes to know the reason personally for visiting the country. It has been observed that people who like to work or establish business get visa easily.

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