Australia to Hire Overseas Troops

A recent report from a reliable source has revealed that the Defence Force of Australia is planning to employ overseas personnels from Canada, New Zealand, Britain and the US. The Defence Force of the country hopes to invite foreign soldiers, sailors and air troops along with specialists, like special force officers, submarine warfare officers and fighter pilots with an attraction of providing a faster way to Citizenship of Australia.

The said report has also mentioned that recently the Royal Australian Navy, also known as RAN, has sent a group of delegates to Britain, wherein the nation’s government has made an announcement for curbing the defence expenses. This deduction is declared to consider the prospective of employing sailors with the experience of engineering caused by the competition with the mining sector.

In this connection, an Australian Defence Force spokesperson was quoted as saying that negotiation had taken place with the British authorities. The RAN was closely doing its job with the Royal Navy to provide employment in Australia to those, who are jobless and meet the requirements of the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

On its official website, the ADF mentions that they are looking for overseas personnels to fill in the gaps in their services that presently can’t be covered by standard recruitments. Overseas personnel, who will join these national services, will be provided with the Australian Visa for Permanent Residency (PR). They will also be allowed to apply for citizenship of the country after three months only instead of having to wait for the standard duration of two years.

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