Are Immigrants More Privileged in UK?

According to figures released by the United Kingdom Home Office, many thousands of employment visas were issued to overseas workers, while local workers who are eligible to do the jobs and still they were required to plea for Jobseekers Allowance in the country.

As per the figures, in the year 2009, a total of 1,694 employment visas were issued to overseas care workers. Contrary to this, about 33,265 British care assistants and home carers received Jobseeker’s Allowance. The figures also show that in 2009 2,202 visas were provided to foreign chefs and cooks, but 11,960 British chefs and cooks did not find employment in the country.

With the release of the figures, the country’s Prime Minister, David Cameron was keen to slash down the unacceptably high immigration by implementing the permanent immigration cap on migrant workers. After a complete review of the immigration cap details by the Migration Advisory Committee, finally the cap was finally unveiled on 23 November, 2010.

The UK new coalition government’s ambition was to cut the country’s net migration level coming in from the rest of the world to the tens of thousands from the hundreds of thousands. In other words, the parties forming the coalition government were insisting in bringing down the overseas immigration level to the level of 1990s.

David Cameron insisted that he wanted to make sure the country issues visas only to workers the country really needs. As 2011 is nearing, when the permanent immigration cap will be implemented many groups are showing their disagreement with the government’s decision. Some businesses across the UK have warned that a cap on skilled workers is likely to stop the businesses from being able to hire the skilled people they need.

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