Asians Caught with Forged Passports!

Jinja Town: Officials from the division of criminal investigation and department of Immigration performed raid on an Indian firm located in Jinja town. A thorough investigation confirmed the presence of 12 forged passports within the company.

In accordance with the immigration official, Davidson Elyau, the inquiry was based on the actuality that Jyoti Structures Limited’s administartion are hiding undocumented Indian workers. The firm deals with the supply of electrical equipments.

Reports say that the firm has its origins from Mumbai. It was given an agreement to craft transmission lines and sub-stations for the Bujagali interconnection project by the Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Ltd and Eskom Enterprises for the Bujagali interconnection project.

It was confirmed from Elyau that previous efforts to authenticate the reports went unsuccessful as they failed to get any kind of corporation from the management. Their claims were that they are “protected” by the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Immigration Commissioner.

Elyau said that they were decked with trustworthy information about the presence of more than fifty undocumented people working in the firm without having the necessary documentation with them. But they were not granting the permission to have access to their premises.

It was due to the assistance from the officials of CID officials when commenced the investigation and confirmed the presence of 55 overseas workers working in the firm, out of which 2 people are Filipinos, and others were from India. A majority of them were decked with fake passports.

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