Are you a qualified professional, interested to immigrate to Australia ?

If you are a skilled professional then Australia Immigration can offer bag full of surprises for you. So, what are the surprises? Let’s find out how Australia Immigration can benefit you and your family.

Surprise #1: Australia will be offering additional Australia Immigration Points for eligible PR applicants

The Immigration Minister of Australia recently announced that the Australia Point System for all the GSM Visas will be updated.

It is decided that the PR applicants will be awarded additional points on the basis of the attributes that will contribute to the Australian economy.

Below are the changes envisioned by the Australian government for the new points system:

  • Additional 10 points can be claimed – Applicants with skilled spouse or common-law partner
  • Additional 10 points can be claimed – Applicants with no spouse or common-law partner
  • Additional 5 points can be claimed – Applicants whose spouse or common-law partner demonstrating evidence of competent English.
  • Additional 15 points can be claimed – Applicants sponsored by a state or territory in Australia. And, the same can claimed by the applicants sponsored by a relative living in a regional area of Australia.
  • Additional 10 points can be claimed – Applicants who have specific STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) qualifications.

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Surprise #2: Australia introduced a new program to help the new skilled migrants to find suitable jobs

  • Finding jobs can be hectic task in any foreign land. But here, Ignite Potential, a Not-For-Profit Organization has come up with the new program to help skilled migrants in finding their suitable work.
  • The program is focused on helping immigrants to induct into the Australian way of living coupled with helping them find relevant jobs.
  • To make it easier for the candidates, the program will be conducted in the form of training, workshops and mentorships. This will be available free of cost to the skilled migrants arriving in Darwin, Northern Territory in 2019.
  • The program is said to be held three times throughout the year. Furthermore, the organizers are hoping to replicate the impact of the program in other cities of Australia too.

Surprise #3: Australian Government Budget hints new immigration pathway for the Australian Regional Areas

  • As per the recent update, the Australian Immigration Department is planning to launch three new Skilled Visas aimed at attracting migrants to regional areas of Australia.
  • Save the date 1st November 2019: on this day the new provisional employer sponsored and provisional work visas would be available, along with the permanent Skilled Regional visa from November 2022.
  • If you all wonder what is the definition of ‘regional’? in the immigration terms it means that one can migrate to Australia regional areas anywhere outside of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.
  • These regional places are anywhere in South Australia, Tasmania, and the Northern Territory; and Queensland’s North coast and Toowoomba, New South Wales’ Northern Rivers, Central coast, and Hunter Valley, Geelong and the Grampians region in Victoria.

Surprise #4: Above 114 occupations available for Skilled Professionals applying Australian Regional Visas

  • As per the aforementioned details of 3 new special visa agreements, the regional employers would sponsor skilled professionals in more than 114 occupations within the regional areas.
  • These new visas are introduced to sponsor the foreign skilled workers to meet the labour shortages prevailing in the regional areas.
  • The 5-year DAMA for South Australia will allow the employers in regional SA to sponsor a number of 750 foreign skilled workers per year.
  • Along with South Australia, there is Adelaide City Technology and Innovation Advancement Agreement wherein the employers would be sponsoring 300 workers in nearly 60 occupations per year.

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