Are You Aware Immigration to Denmark is Easy with Denmark/Danish Green Card?

If you are planning to move to Denmark, and if you have Green Card, then it will be the wisest thing that you can ever think of doing. The economy has been pretty excited towards welcoming a new line of population that can work, study and thrive in this country.

Immigration to Denmark is easy with Danish Green card. So, if you possess the same, then you can easily move to this Nordic Country and enjoy life like never before. IN case you possess Danish Green Card, then you can enjoy some of the leverages that other will be denied.

Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy and at the same time you can move also easily with Danish green card.

  1. If you are a holder of Danish Green card, you can take pleasure in the leverage of temporary stay in the country and that stay will last for 3 years. Simultaneously, there are also other leverages that you can enjoy. If you want, then you can go for extension in the beginning or just before the completion of the visa. The extension period will last at the maximum one year. You can live for four years without any cumbersome formalities in case you are a Green Card holder.
  2. The one year permits for the Green Card holders are applicable in meeting with certain requirements. The incumbent should have worked in the Northern European Nation for one full year, and the maximum time that he would have devoted on any work should not be less than 10 hours in a week.
  3. If you possess a Danish Green Card, you can roam freely in any Schengen countries without requiring a visa whatsoever. All you will have to do is just pack your bag and move to these countries—no prosecution, no charge, nothing levied on you, just serene beauties and kaleidoscopic views to witness. This is what Denmark promises to its Green Card holders.
  4. If you have a Danish Green Card, then you can easily call your family member back home to come to the nation and apply for permanent residence (PR) in the country. They can easily get citizenship, provided you are a Green Card Holder.

If you possess a Green Card and you want residence permit, you need to fulfill some criteria.

  1. In the first place, you must have resources along with you to sustain yourself for the first year of your stay till you land into a job. This is the first priority that the authorities seek.
  2. You must possess recognized college degree, so if it is a two years Masters Degree then you get 60 points, whereas for one year Masters Degree you will gain 50 points. Since prior work experience will also help you to get leverage while getting PR, you must consult with an immigration consultant regarding that.

If you want to live in Denmark and you have Green Card then immigration to Denmark is easy with Danish Green Card to exploit this advantage to the fullest.

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