Finding the Right Job a Problem in Canada

A recent study–that duly reviewed the difficulties new aliens in the Maple Leaf Country come across while making efforts to live in the nation–discovered that finding the perfect job was an issue that as much as 46% of the new immigrants were subjected to. Besides, while gaining smoothness in the local language was a trouble faced by 26% of the respondents, the climate was an issue for merely 16% of the fresh aliens to the nation.

Immigrants, who file a petition for jobs in the immigration hotspot, quickly learn to their shock that their specialized education, or their several years of experience are not given any importance in the nation’s employment market. Allegedly, these people are told to enroll for extra courses so that their qualification duly matches the national standards of Canada. The result: such people have to re-learn the stuffs they already are familiar with and are skilled in.

Distinctive Work Mores

Allegedly, the same has to do with the only-one-of-its-kind work culture of the nation. Job markets throughout the globe are as exclusive as diverse cultures. And becoming familiar with them, prior to getting neck deep into job hunt, would be helpful in capitalizing on the time and opportunities obtainable. It is also claimed that some issues as trivial as a cover letter or, for example, a handshake to the serious ones as questions thrown during the interviews require to be looked into, prior to job search.

Hitting Upon the Perfect Job

Discovering a job that matches with the experience or skill is not an easy job for majority of the new guests. Aliens frequently end up wasting their time without a job even while they then have to expend years to obtain Canadian education for the degree they already have.

And, over and over again when getting the same category of education is tough, they are left with no options, except to get involved with a completely dissimilar subject class, ending up submitting a petition for a line-of-work that is anything but their strong point. Troubled with financial requirements during this re-training, many aliens have to take up works so that they can survive.

As per a research, new visitors–with less than 5 years of experience in the Maple Leaf Country–are four times more expected to be out-of-work despite possessing a University diploma. Surprisingly, even with a decade of Canadian experience, fresh visitors are more liable to be jobless, vis-à-vis the evenly skilled nationals.

Studying a fresh language and successfully communicating in it is a new big suffering faced by fresh guests to the nation. Numerous aliens–particularly from the nations of South America & China–find it rather tricky to speak in either of these languages, namely, English or French. And the same makes the job hunting exercise all the more hard even while recruiters or firms are left with no options, except to take no notice of them.

Immigrants’ Requirements Neglected

As per an immigrant, visitors to Canada are only used to contribute to the Canadian economy, as they shell-out for their additional studies, and for their family requirements; however, they are completely overlooked otherwise, and their wants are not given a consideration in policy formation.

The laws and rules directives that a fresh aliens require to obey leave them battling for an extended period of time till they fulfill the changed conditions of the country’s standards. Allegedly, the same will only result in the Canadian economy losing out on valid skill times as trained visitors end up doing non-skilled jobs.

Since a doctor is a doctor anywhere across the globe, and domain experiences are not different anywhere, to pressurize an immigrant doctor to do a job in a petrol station or departmental store till the time he fulfills the Canadian standards only emphasizes the insensitivity towards the actual requirements of the fresh visitor to Canada, it is claimed.

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