Immigration to Hong Kong for Non-residents (Family Members) Achievable

The city-state of Hong Kong has been highly enthusiastic when it comes to welcoming people from different countries. Hence, if you are looking forward to movement to the nation, then you will be welcomed if there is a need for you in the economy. The economy of Hong Kong is putting in its 100% to make sure that it can grow real fast, since both its neighbors, India and China, are growing rapidly.

Hong Kong economy is trying to meet every skilled requirement in diverse sectors to write its growth story. For meeting with this pursuit, recently it has amended its immigration norms and immigration to Hong Kong for non-residents (family members) has been made much easier than it was way back in the past.


If you talk about the present trend that is prevailing in the Hong Kong immigration, every month there is a provision for 150 immigrants to move to this country. These movements primarily cater to people originating from Chinese descent. Hence, in case there are people who have lived in Hong Kong in the past, and their descendents have moved to China, and if they want to return along with their family members, then according to section 24(2)(3) of the Hong Kong immigration, such members and immediate members of the descendents can move to this country easily.

For those immigrants representing China, such immigrants can opt for “one way permit”, and they would be granted the permission to stay in the country and even apply for permanent residence (PR). Since the entitlement also passes to the family members, if the immigrant has children, they can also opt for movement and come to Hong Kong for claiming their citizenship.


There are separate constitutional arrangements for movement to Hong Kong for those individuals who represent Macau. Hence, if you are representing Macau, and you have immigrated to Hong Kong and you are living here, you are given the green signal by the immigration authorities in Hong Kong to call upon those who are dependent on you.

You can call your spouse, children (aged below 18 years) and parents, if they are aged above 60 years or above to live with you. The immigration authorities have passed legislation and under article 22(4) of the immigration to Hong Kong, every individual who is immigrant to the city-state can call his dependent family members to live with him.

Adhering to this law, if you have family members who are dependent on you, and in case you are the immigrant of Hong Kong, you can call them and ask them to stay in the country. Under immigration laws, immigration to Hong Kong for non residents includes their immediate family members as well.

Immigrants representing other countries

If you are an immigrant from some other country, apart from China and Macau, you can also call your immediate family members to live with you and even apply for Hong Kong citizenship. Section 11 of the Immigration Law of Hong Kong gives you the leverage to do that, and if you want to take the benefit of this provision, your immigration consultant can help you in this pursuit.

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