Are You Eager To Learn How To Get PR For Canada?

How To Get PR For Canada?

It is common to find people migrating to (or making an effort to do so) Canada from all over the world. Such migration happens due to the nation’s amazingly high or standard of living, higher educational facilities, very strong economy, and rewarding job opportunities for both business and working professionals.

Migration seems to be too simple and easy, but there are quite many ways to apply for the prized Permanent Residency (PR) in the country. There are many different programmes to get PR for Canada.

Following are the some of the popular schemes or visa programmes that help you to get PR for Canada.

Federal Skilled Trades Programme (FSTP)

This type of Canadian Visa programme was started on January 2 2013. It offers a Permanent Resident Visa to the qualified business people. The business or occupation may be carpentry, crane operations, plumbers, mechanics, as well as electricians, welders, and other businesses.

Federal Skilled Workers Programme (FSWP)

This is another way of getting the Permanent Residency Visa. To receive which, the applicants are evaluated based on their education, work experiences, knowledge of French or English language, and the age. You need to achieve 67 points to qualify for this visa. If you are a professional, then you might want to know the occupations in Canada in demand are engineers, managers, as well as the financial analysts, nurses, computer operators, lecturers, etc. The rules for this visa keep changing frequently.

Provincial Nomination Programmes (PNP)

This programme is for those applicants who are not qualified for the Skilled Worker Visa. Those who are not qualified would still get a chance to receive PRV through it. These provincial visas target the low or no-skilled professionals and help them migrate to the hotspot, work and contribute to its economy. With this type of Canadian Visa, you will get nominated for a particular province of Canada.

Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers Programme (QSWP)

The Canadian province or state of Quebec runs this programme. It offers PRV to the skilled foreign-workers who are keen to offer their services. Preference is given to the people who know the French language.

If you get more points on this points-based Canadian immigration programme, you will get selected by the Quebec’s provincial government, and you may then apply for the Permanent Resident Visa to the Canadian national government to reside in Canada.

Family-Sponsorship Programme

Since the Maple Leaf Country knows the importance of the family, it offers the chance or an opportunity to reunite with one’s family. The scheme allows the applicants to join their family and lead a new life in the Maple Leaf Country. As soon as you become a permanent resident of Canada, you will gain authority to sponsor your spouse as well as the dependent children and give them a chance to become permanent residents.

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