Decoding Different Types of PR Visas for Australia

PR Visas for Australia

If you are a thrill loving person who always look forward to experiencing various water sports and if nature is in your blood then Australia is the best overseas destination for you. Apart from this, the Kangaroo Land is a wonderful place for higher studies because of its numerous world-class educational institutions that are a part of 100 top institutions of the world.

For immigration to the mammoth Island Nation you need to know about the various visas up-for-grabs that help you move to the widely loved and extensively visited immigration hotspot. Explore the untouched beauty of the beautiful Island Nation by grabbing the right visa to meet the purpose. Select the best out of the numerous types of Permanent Residence (PR) Visas for Australia.

The common criteria of selection depend on the skills, language skills, health, financial resources, investments, age, and work experience. The majority of the migration is completed through the Skilled Migrant Visa.

Talented people are always welcomed to the country as they add-on to its economy. In fact, such individuals are given a red-carpet welcome by other destinations also, such as the UK, the US, Latvia, Lithuania, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.

Perhaps, these and most other nations realize that in today’s highly competitive world, to steal a march over their rivals, it’s crucial to gain from the expertise and knowledge of skilled and gifted people. This does not matter if they are from abroad and migrants.

Types of PR Visas for Australia

Permanent Entry Visa

This visa plan covers 2 headings, such as: The migration programme and the humanitarian programme. Applications are accepted from across the globe for permanent settlement in the country.

A) Migration Programme—Movement under this cap is based upon the age, education, work experience, financial resources and his adaptability to the nation’s culture. It consists of skilled migrants and business migrants. Trained migrants are further divided into 5 categories-

  1. Independent Skilled Migrant–Under this, the aspiring migrant should be less than 45 years of age and his skill or occupation must be approved in Oz.
  2. Skilled Migrant–An Australian citizen can sponsor his close family member. The latter gets admission in the Kangaroo Land after his assessment, which is based on age, education, and work experience, language skills, along with health and character certificate.
  3. Extraordinary Talent–This category is especially for those talented people who are blessed with some extraordinary quality, particularly in the field of arts and sports.
  4. Nominated Visa–Sometimes when the Australian employer is unable to fill the job requirement, due to lack of skill amongst the Australians, then he may nominate a talented person from overseas, to fill the vacancy. For this visa, the outsider is assessed on the bases of his age, education and work experience and not-to-mention language skills.
  5. Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme–An Australian employer who lives in the remote area may sponsor the migrant under this scheme.

Temporary Entry Visa–This visa type allows entry to the country for some specific purpose that can result in the benefit of Down Under. The main purpose is to attract skilled people and enhance international relations.

Work Visa–It is available in case the migrant wishes to work part time or do temporary work to increase his income. This visa is restricted to a few, named countries only, whereas the Australian employer sponsorship is mandatory under this visa type.

Business Visa–Businessmen who wish to set-up business or inspect a site or hold a conference can look for this visa. It allows short stays with the validly up to 3 months till the life of the passport or 5 years.

Visitor visa–this is granted to the aspirant who wishes to explore the Island Nation or who wants to spend his vacations in the nation. Validity for this visa stands for 6 months only.

Student Visa–This specific visa is granted to students who wish to study in the Kangaroo Land and earn while studying with the aim to meet the educational expenses.

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