Are You Interested In Immigration Through Job Offer In Australia?

Unquestionably, Australia is an expat destination and the youth brigade finds it promising not only in terms of studies but for work purpose as well. Favourable weather provides more working hours to the wishful migrants as and when compared with any other immigration destination.If you are interested in immigration through job offer in Australia then read this blog it’s really helpful for you.

The students choose it as a best place for studies because of its many top educational universities. It’s not only the students, but skilled people who are also in a win-win position when they move to Australia (Queensland) with a job letter in hand.

Visa Necessities

There are a variety of visa types that Oz offers to wishful migrants. The visa requirements stand same for almost all of them with a slight difference between them depending on its type.

  1. Language Skill – It is expected that the aspirant has achieved a certain score as mentioned for their specific visa types, if English is not their native language. Plus, they need to sign up for English classes before coming to Oz.
  2. Work experience/skills or Qualifications-It should meet either the requirement of the sponsoring Australian employer or find a dominant place in the nation’s Skilled Occupations List (SOL).
  3. Character-Expat gets entry to the nation after obtaining a character certificate from the concerned authority.
  4. Health–nother very important visa requirement is the health certificate which should meet with the expectations of the profession they have selected while showing interest in immigration. The aspirants can consult the nearest Australian Embassy or ask for a list of government approved doctors.
  5. Australian Values -It is expected that the migrant is ready to accept the way of the Australian life by signing Australian values statement.

Immigration through Job Offer in Australia

It’s based upon above categories that certain points are issued to the candidates, and depending on these points, visa is granted to the candidates. Above mentioned visa requirements are mandatory, but if you are lucky to have a job offer, then you need some more formalities to be completed on your employer’s part. Along with above details, your Employer Sponsored Migration Visa will be applied by him on your behalf. After completion of these formalities, the migrants can fly to Down Under and enjoy its multiple benefits.

Basically, there are two types of visas in this category, i.e., permanent and temporary.

  1. Temporary Visa–This is the most common skilled visa sponsored by the Australian employer for an overseas skilled migrant. The maximum time period covered in this visa is 4 years. This visa is tied between the immigrant and his job offer in the nation.
  2. Permanent Visa-The Employer Nominated Scheme Visa falls under this category. This visa type permits the local employers to nominate qualified immigrants, to fill the vacant vacancies in the country for which its citizen are not fit or unavailable.

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