Are You Interested in UK Immigration for Jobs?

Since long the UK is a haven, of sorts, for the job seekers, especially those who wish to take their career to the dizzying heights of glory.

The nation has a great deal of promises to fulfill and this country has been really phenomenon, in terms of keeping them for the immigrants. By and large, the immigrants from across the globe have been very satisfied with the work culture and the benefits which have been bestowed to them when they want immigration to UK for Jobs.

UK immigration for jobs has been the reason which has seen a better life guaranteed to the immigrants through different visa tier program. So, as an immigrant, if you want to immigrate to the UK for Jobs, you must first dig-out the job prospects in this country.

Take a look at this piece which would enlighten you about the job prospects and different visa programmes which will facilitate the movement to the country.

UK Job Prospects

The job market in London has surpassed that of other areas in the nation and individuals have resorted to London as a safe haven to get jobs. The overall job growth has been astounding even while there has been 80% vacancies solely created in the private and the public sector.

Hence, as a matter of fact, the realm of London has been witnessing the brightest days which one can possibly ask for. There has been 2, 16,000 private sector jobs and 66,300 public sector job created in between 2012 and 2016. The cities in the nation are also dealing under specific job vacancy and talent acquisition programme which has paved the way for the immigrants to have innumerable jobs in the diverse sectors showing probabilities of expansion.

Different Immigration Visas for the UK

The immigration to the UK is administered through a line of visas and these visas have made immigration a simple task for the individuals who have decided to move to the destination. If you wish to know about the visas which have made the movement possible, you need to look into this piece.

UK Tier 1 Visa

It is five tier based immigration programme which allows the immigrants who are exceptionally skilled to take immigration to the UK. The programme has been subdivided into different specifications, and based on the specifications the individuals are allowed to move.

Under the particular programme, the individuals will have to score 95 points in the point based exam, and they will be required to make an investment of 50,000 – 200,000 Pounds. The individuals can choose the best suitable scheme which can serve their purpose and they can move accordingly under the specified programme to the place of their choice.

UK Tier 2 Visa

The skilled migrants have got an instant route through the skilled migration category. The specific programme has been specifically introduced to make sure that skilled migrants are able to move. But the programme has been divided into four broader categories to make sure that proper monitoring and implementation can happen for an effective response.


It is for those individuals who have been offered a job as a settled worker. At present, under the class, there has been an annual cap of 20,700 people and only those individuals who are earning less than 150,000 Pounds are included.

Intra Company Transfer

It is basically is meant only for those individuals who have been engaged in a Multinational Company (MNC) and they are offered a job in the skilled based parameter in any of the UK based company.

Sports Person

There is also specific provision given to sports individuals who have exceptional skill level to make it a point in the country. Such individuals can take the sports quote as a gateway to streamline the movement and take the movement to the UK.

There is also specific region granted through the Tier 5 provisional worker programme. So, such individuals would be called to the nation to live in for a specified period of time. The immigrants can live in the country and move without any hassle.

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