UK Immigration Frauds–Be On Your Guard!

The UK has emerged as a game changer in the European Union (EU), the stable economy, better living standards and lucrative pay packages have attracted immigrants not just from Europe but also from abroad. Now, the immigration of the people within Europe to the UK is comparatively easier, but for those who are from the East, the possibility is meager and chances few.

So, the best way to move would be through the help of immigration agents. But these days immigration frauds for UK has raised the panic button and people are very apprehensive about the immigration.

In this piece, let’s discuss the scams which have dominated the fore, their consequences, and the ways which can be adopted to make sure that you don’t fall victim to the trends.

UK Immigration Frauds–Consequences

The simplest outcome of fraudulent immigration practices are deportation and blacklisting. Once the immigration authorities are able to sense any particular flaws in the immigration, they would readily take the course required to certify that it gets rectified.

So, even if your immigration attorney guaranteed you instant immigration and he has kept his promise and you have moved instantly but the outcome of the situation would certainly be something which would not please you under any circumstances.

Medium through which the scams happen

By Phone

The immigration agents who have delved into fraudulent practices have given their heart and soul to trace and keep in action every minute possibility. So, they would closely analyze the prospective customers who can be fooled by their smart gimmick. They would dig out the numbers from different directories and call them randomly. Most of the times they have connections which can help them to find the right people who are wishing to take the immigration.

So, such possibilities have given chance to fool the audiences. They are engaged into calling such persons and persuading them to take the call. In most cases, the call may be taken by guarantee that they can help you move without any hassle.

These specifications would definitely sound captivating and most people make a mess around. Make sure that you don’t entertain such calls and rightaway ignore them.

By Mail

The next form of communication happens through mail. There are many fraudulent immigration agents who are operating with false names. So, they would send you text emails and ask you to go through the email. Generally, the tone of the e-mail is very fascinating and most people believe it to be true. Never make any payment for registration or anything when such emails pop in your inbox.

Any communication taken through e-mail should be dismissed at the receivers end. You must not fall victim of immigration frauds to UK, and never believe in anything what has been said in the message, like personal connection with immigration authorities, 100% certain immigration.

Fraudulent Consultants–How to Protect Yourself?

  • Integrity: These days immigration scams are quite common, and if you don’t want to fall victim to these scams, it is important that you do a good background check of the immigration agent. If you have received a call or email citing that immigration will be streamlined by their efficient service, make it a point to ensure that you ask for their registration number. Once you have got their registration number, there is a portal with the government department with respect to immigration and border protection, feed the number there to know about their legal existence.
  • Trust: You must never trust those people who claim that they have specialized connection with the UK immigration If you anyway believe in such individuals, you will terribly fool yourself, and it will be very disheartening for your experience.
  • Contract: Sign a contract with the service providers and the contract should be in English and one local language. You must share all your details, and they must share theirs and accordingly the deal must be taken.
  • Payment Mode: Payment should only be made through cheque and no other method. If you follow these specifications, you will never get fooled by them.

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