Are You Motivated with Lithuania Immigration from India?

Lithuania–officially known as the Republic of Lithuania–is situated in the Northern Europe, and is one of the three Baltic States. Earlier a part of the Soviet Union, it broke free from the same in 1990. It was the first Soviet republic to do so.

The country is counted among one of the most developed counties in Europe. The United Nations Human Development Index (UNHDI) has listed the Northern European nation as a “very high human development” country. It has one of the fastest and strongest growing economies.

No wonder, immigrants from every part of the world has an eye for Lithuania immigration. Many business migrants especially have an attraction for Lithuania immigration. These people wish to start their business venture there in as the Baltic state has been ranked 17th in the Ease of Doing Business Index.

Since ages, Indians have been moving out and the recent trend shows many Indians are eager to immigrate to this European country. Immigration to Lithuania from India is quite easy, affordable and hassle-free. The country has an added edge above other countries as the people shifting out from India get an easy entry to the EU. They can easily travel to the Schengen countries as per their will and specific requirement and can also access all the services and facilities of the European countries.

Immigration from India to Lithuania is possible through filing provisional residence permission, i.e., the TRP. It enables the Non-European citizens to live in the country on provisional basis, for a specific term mentioned, on visa document or minimum one year.

Comparatively, obtaining a TRP is quite easy as you do not need any work experience, or for that matter, any other specific trade qualification. Generally, it is desired that applicant should possess a good academic record along with appropriate linguistic skills in the English language. According to section 40 of statutes on the legal standing of foreigners, the TRP is granted when a foreign national:

  • Wants to reunite with his family.
  • Wants to maintain the eligibility for Lithuania citizenship
  • Wants to join the thriving Lithuania workforce
  • Wants to establish a business venture
  • Wants to pursue higher education
  • Applicant is under guardianship
  • Cannot leave the country due to health reasons

Temporary Residence Visa (TRV)

In order to obtain TRV, the candidate need not have a prior work experience or education qualification but ought to have a reasonably good academic and professional record and proficiency in the English language. He can submit an application for a Lithuanian Permanent Residence Permit.

Citizenship of Lithuania

Lithuanian citizenship is the highest status. The holder enjoys the maximum rights. He can migrate to the European countries and the Schengen Zone freely and without any kind of restrictions whatsoever; he has a right to vote and even contest election, he has a right to hold Lithuania passport, among many others.

In order to successfully immigrate under any of the above categories, you need to contact the Lithuania Embassy located in the capital city, New Delhi. The concerned visa and immigration authorities will forward your petition to the Immigration Office located in Vilnius, Lithuania. In general, the processing time may take anywhere between 6 and 12 months.

Lithuania Visa Ad visors

To make your visa petition path relatively easier and trouble-free, consult an expert immigration agent dealing with Lithuania immigration. You will find many competent advisors operating in or around your place. Seek and get professional support and guidance from the most experienced and trusted visa consultant.

In all likelihood, he will help you with the critical Lithuania immigration process from India. Pay the consultancy fee for his services and use his specialized expertise to crack the Lithuania immigration code. Successfully migrate to the beautiful European destination.

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