Immigration to Canada from India—Know How To Do It!

With time, the ‘Maple Leaf Country’, Canada, has become a rather hot immigration destination for the Indian immigrants. In fact, the overseas hotspot has developed as one of the largest Indian communities, and it proudly continues to welcome trained professionals, students and business people round the year.

Some particular Canadian states like; for instance, Ontario, British Columbia (BC), and Toronto have the largest number of Indo-Canadian population. With time, the country has become an immigrant friendly country helping Indian immigrants to make Canada their second home and do well there professionally.

Benefits of Immigration to Canada from India

Canada immigration from India comes with several benefits for the migrants. Let’s take a quick look at some of the major advantages of migration to Canada from India!

I. Immigrants enjoys the basic right to freely work and live with-in the Canadian territory, except Quebec

II. Under certain specific circumstance, immigrants have the freedom of immigrating to the ‘Maple Leaf country’, along with their family members with the freedom of visiting their native country as per their convenience.

III. As per the NAFTA agreement, immigrants have an option of spreading their business wings in the US as well.

IV. All permanent residents enjoy the same rights and freedom enjoyed by the Canadian citizens.

V. Once as a permanent resident you have worked and lived in the country, for a period of three years, you are entitled to obtain its citizenship.

There are basically two main routes of Canada immigration for the Indian aspirants. From India, Immigration to Canada is possible through:

I. Federal Skilled Worker Program

II. Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP)

Federal Skilled Worker Program—it is developed for skilled professional who are capable of contributing to the nation’s economy. Under the program, trained professionals are permitted to permanently join the Canadian workforce. Every applicant is assessed on the basis of the point test. To clear it, it is mandatory for you to score 60 out of 100 points.

Candidates are assessed on the basis of their age, education, language skills, adaptability, arranged job, and employment experience. Additionally, he has to prove his financial capability to support himself and his family while he looks out for a job in the nation. The most important benefit of migration under the Federal Skilled Worker Scheme is that you are granted a permit without pre-loaded with a lucrative job offer.

Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP)—it allows every province to nominate individual applicants who wish to live and work in any particular province. It is an important fast-track option to obtain the prized Permanent Residency (PR). Every province and territory has developed its own Provincial Nomination Programs, except Quebec.

Since long, both provincial and territorial governments have been using these programs in their respective regions. Each PNP is developed as per the province’s/territory’s specific needs to select suitable nominees who are cable of contributing towards their economical growth.

To immigrate using any of the above categories, you need to submit your complete application at the Canada High Commission situated in the capital city of India, New Delhi; of course, if you are located in or near this part of the world. Amendments in any program are subject to circumstances.

It is advisable to pre-assess yourself before submitting your petition, and also consult an immigration expert. Talking of visa agents, you will come across several of them in most of the leading Indian cities. Consult one whose services and charges suit you.

Check with some concerned people though before you engage a Canada immigration consultant. The market has no dearth of unscrupulous services providers. Also remember that no expert can guarantee you a 100% success but he may assist you while you try to complete the lengthy and complicated visa and immigration procedure to the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’.

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