Attention Skilled Software Engineers and Designers! Get Immigration Services to Australia and Canada!

Both Australia and Canada enjoy the status of well developed countries. Geographically located in different continents, these nations are world famous and widely preferred by the immigrants from across the globe. There are many similarities between these economically developed countries. Economic prosperity and modern yet quality life style remains the topmost similarity, among others. Little surprise, a remarkable number of immigrants submit their visa petitions to immigrate to these countries, round the year.

Like many other immigration hotspots of the world, both Australia and Canada are also currently facing serious shortage of skilled professionals from many occupations, and Software Engineers and Designers are one such expert. To cater to the growing demand of these specialists in these nations, many immigration consultants have begun to offer their professional services to those interested in the same.

Since the last decade, the demand of Software Engineers and Designers has extensively risen in the respective countries, and to cater to this growing demand, the concerned immigration authorities usually give preference to the applicants who are applying under the above mentioned professions.

Looking at the present scenario, as mentioned before, many immigration experts have started to tailor their services exclusively for Software Engineers and Designers, keen to immigrate to Australia and/or Canada.

Software Engineers and Designers–Work Profile

Let’s take a look at the work profile of these experts. These professionals are expected to perform following key tasks:


In Oz, under the code ANZSCO 261313, these experts are responsible to design, develop, appraise, examine and document the program codes in agreement with particular user needs and technical specifications. They are known with alternate titles, like Software Architects and Software Designers. They specialize in Computer Applications Engineer, Systems Architect, and Database Designer.


In the Maple Leaf Country, under the code 2173, these specialists are responsible to perform research, design, develop, assess, examine, put together, and maintain technical situations, operating systems, embedded software, software applications, information warehouses, and telecommunications software.

The services of these professionals are required in consulting firms, Information Technology (IT) research and development firms, and IT units-both in private and public sectors. They could be self-employed as well.

Example titles give to these professionals in the Maple Leaf Country, i.e., Canada.

•    application architect
•    computer software engineer
•    embedded software engineer
•    software architect
•    software design engineer
•    software design verification engineer
•    software designer

Credentials Required


In order to join the Australian workforce, you are required to meet a set level of skill which equals at least Bachelor Degree or a higher qualification for higher designated post. A minimum of five years of relevant experience and/or applicable vendor certification may stand-in for the official qualification. In some particular cases, there could be requirement of both pertinent experience and/or on-the-job training, on and above the prescribed qualification.


To join the Canadian labor force, you are required a Bachelor’s Degree in the applicable subject. Master’s or Doctoral Degree in a related discipline may be desired for higher designation. Licensing by a provincial or territorial association of Professional Engineers may also require along with three to four years of supervised work experience. You may also be required to pass a professional practice examination.

The scope of Software Engineers and Designers are bright in both the countries. It is likely that the demand will increase and more such professionals will be required to meet the growing demand in these immigration hotspots. Hence-if Australia or Canada immigration is high in your scheme of things, and by profession you are one of these experts–kick start the visa and immigration process to any of these nations. The time is right for the object. To remarkably improve your chances, seek and get specialized services and guidance from the professionals.

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