Are You Interested in Immigration to Denmark from India?

Worldwide, Indians, by and large, are well known and respected for their professional skills and ambitious attitude. To do well in life and excel in their career many Indians immigrate to different countries with Denmark being one such immigration hotspot.

This stunning European country is an all time favorite for Indian immigrants. The country offers plethora of well-paying job opportunities, high standard of life, and the most professional lifestyle to cherish forever. Remarkably, it is also known as the safest place on earth with almost zero crime rate.

Denmark–a Nordic country in Northern Europe–is also known as the ‘happiest country in world’. It has a high level of income equality and has the highest per capita income and is counted among the best well developed countries in the world.

Why Denmark and not any other country?

The ‘Safest Place on Earth’, Denmark, is the most active member of the European Union (EU). Round the year, it recruits skilled professionals in various sectors. Indians are known for their skills, proficiency and quality education. Above all, immigrants from India usually consider Denmark as an easy entry to Europe. The European country recognizes the Indian talent and gives preference while processing the visa.
Immigration to Denmark from India

Like many other top immigration destinations of the globe, Denmark practices a transparent immigration policy, known as the ‘Danish Green Card scheme’. Additionally, Positive List Scheme is for those applicants who have received a valid job offer from a Danish employer, prior to their immigration. On the above three basis, a remarkable number of applicants seek easy Immigration to Denmark from India.

Danish Green Card Scheme – is an excellent opportunity for the Indian immigrants keen to get employment opportunity in the country. It is a point based system, where you need to score perfect 100 points and also fulfill other eligibility criteria. Applicants are granted a first -time temporary residence permit for a fixed period of 3 years with a further extension of 4 years.

These days, many Danish companies are battling a serious shortage of qualified employees. This schemes provides a once in a life time opportunity to the qualified individuals from India to come and join the thriving and booming Danish working sector.

Positive List Scheme – In case any applicant from India has received a job in a line of work that is currently facing a dearth of qualified professionals, than you have easy access to the Danish labor market. These in-demand occupations are mentioned on the Positive List.

Additionally, for extremely qualified Indians–who have been offered a highly paid job offer of, say, DKK 375,000–may process their immigration under the ‘Danish Pay Limit Scheme’. As per the scheme, an applicant is eligible to obtain a work and residence permit on an urgent basis. Unlike the above two programs, there are no specific requirements.

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