Are You Interested in Immigration to UK from India?

The United Kingdom (UK) or Great Britain is a dream destination of many. The sovereign state is well known for its quality lifestyle and strong economy. The country has the sixth largest economy in world and is the all time favorite among Indian immigrants. The charm of this European country is quite high among Indians, and every year 1000s of new applicants submit their application with a dream of kick starting their career in UK.

Why the country is the first choice for Indian immigrants?

Firstly, since decades, a large number of Indians has immigrated making a large Indian community in UK, in a way, a home away from home. Secondly, the country is multi-cultural and diverse in nature, and the present citizens welcome people from different ethnicity. Thirdly, the country gives an excellent opportunity to the Indian immigrants to channelize their professional skills with fixed work hours and a lucrative pay package.

Immigration to UK from India is not an easy task. The immigration process is lengthy and complicated. Still, the country continues to attract many. The reason is its economic prosperity, multiple job opportunities, modern life style, and social benefits, among others.
Since decades, the country has remained the first choice among Indian immigrants. Immigration to UK from India is based on the 5 Tier Visa system and considered as the main route for UK immigrants for the motivated immigrants located outside the EU.

The Five Tier System selects immigrants. To be eligible for any of the one category, you must clear a points-based assessment. However the minimum number of points required varies for each tier. The UK Five Tier System is as follow:

Tier 1:- The category includes applicants from outside EEA who are investors, entrepreneurs or else have an ‘exceptional talent’ beneficial to UK.

Tier 2:– The stream includes ‘skilled workers’ from outside EEA with a prior job offer from an employee in UK. The category mainly includes skilled workers who are either transferred to UK by their respective company or else skilled professionals whose number has decreased in the UK. This category also includes sport professionals and ministers of religion.

Tier 3:- The stream includes low-skilled professionals filling temporary labor shortage. Till date, no visa has been issued under the category.

Tier 4:– The category includes students above the age of 16, mainly from outside the EEA who want to pursue studies in the UK. The applicants must have registered at the UK educational establishment beforehand.

Tier 5:– The stream includes six sub-tiers of temporary workers i.e. charity, religious workers, creative and sporting and the youth mobility scheme under which about 55,000 young people immigrate annually to work in the UK on Working Holiday Visas. These are issued to young applicants from countries that have reciprocal arrangements with the UK.

In order to process your immigration application, you either need to contact the UK High Commission situated in New Delhi or else consult an immigration expert for complete assistance.

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