Oz Adds 121,000 Fresh Posts in August

Australia added as many as 121,000 fresh jobs during the month of August, 2014 even as the same comprised 14,300 permanent and 106,700 part-time employment opportunities. According to the available data, the latest addition of fresh jobs is the highest adding together of jobs during the time-frame of the previous three decades.

The job augmentation of 121,000 during August 2014 has even left behind the ballpark figures of nearly 12,000 employment opportunities in August by a census. The increase in jobs is alleged to be the biggest in the recorded history even as it comes as a huge revelation.

Australia Unemployment Rate Heads North

The generation of latest posts during the month of August 2014 has driven the rate of unemployment down to 6.1% from 6.4% in August 2014, and this is the most impressive during the 12 years time. Though educated guess was that Oz’s rate of unemployment would come down to 6.3%, the result is rather welcoming and astonishing for everyone concerned.

Majority of Jobs Part-time by Nature

Even as there has been a big rise in employment opportunity numbers during the month of August, 2014, the remarkable increase has been seen in part-time opportunities. The rate of participation swelled to 65.2% witnessing a 16-month peak. While part-time employment in Down Under went up to 3.61 million at 106,700, permanent employment went to a maximum of 8.09 million with a swell of 14,300 fresh jobs during August, 2014. Nevertheless, the same cannot be refuted that such a big rise in opportunities is a Big upside disclosure that has left one and all puzzled, it is claimed.

The increase in part-time employment may be due to several reasons. The increase in the nation’s employment during the month of August, 2014 is comparable to close-to 1.3 million in the US payrolls, post considering the various sizes of two countries’ labor markets. All this, unquestionably, indicates a good result for the national economy of Australia, and would increase the national economy’s confidence, or so it is maintained.

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