Australia Costliest Immigration Destination for Studying Overseas

As per a report-based on a recent survey by a well-known organization-Australia has been rated as the costliest country for overseas students, eager to obtain university education. Being the costliest nation for studying abroad does not denote, however, that Oz provides the finest quality education. According to the available particulars, 5,000 parents participated as part of the study relating 15 countries.

The study examined the average charges of the study courses, together with living expenses in the specific country. The findings of the study reveal that close to $42,000 is the predictable amount to be exhausted by overseas students for pursuing university education in Down Under per annum. And this money comprises supporting expenses in the country.

Meanwhile, Canada is placed at the 6th position, in terms of the overall expenses of studying. A global student has to fritter away nearly 30,000 US dollars every year for the object of pursuing undergraduate education in the country. And overseas students will need 36,000 US Dollars every year for study purposes in the US.

As far as the overall quality of education goes, well, Canada is placed at the 4th spot for its overall quality of education. And in terms of expenditure, it’s rated 6. The same noticeably signifies that studying in the Maple Leaf Country provides really good value for the money exhausted.

The US is placed right at the top place in terms of the quality of education. However–in terms of the overall expenses of living and the entire costs every year for overseas students, keen to obtain education-the US may not be the unambiguous choice, thanks to its exorbitantly high charges. By the latest study, Australia has been placed at the 5th spot, in terms of the overall quality of education. Remarkably, Oz still boasts of the highest percentage of overseas students across the globe.

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