Are You Skilled Chemist-234211? Migrate to Australia!

It is official: Australia needs qualified Chemists even as those whose profession falls under the Code 234211 can shift to the country as a skilled Chemist-234211. Chemist Studies the physical and chemical properties of the substances, supervises and develops the production and chemical processes. This occupation requires certain level of skills along with a degree or higher qualification.

For normal qualification, there should be five years of experience in the relevant field. In some situations, experiences and the training is necessary, in addition to skill level 1 qualification (ANZSCO). Information of every occupation on the skill level is reliable with Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupation (ANZSCO). This information may vary from the requirements set by the assessing authorities for getting skill assessment.

Several occupations in indicative skill level have skill commensurate along with the Bachelor Degree. Chemist meets only one of the criteria for high use for maintaining the quality.

Plan Eligibility

Under the programs mentioned below the applicants in this particular occupation can be eligible for skilled migration. The programs are

  • Regional Sponsored Migrated Plan (Subcategory 187)
  • Temporary Business (Long Stay)- Standard Business Sponsorship (Subcategory 457)
  • Employer Nomination Scheme (Subcategory 186)
  • Point Bases Skilled Visa

For definite visa subclass in the skill migrated program, skill evaluation is essential. One must check whether skill assessment is essential for visa subclass. Only few occupations will be available for the state or central government agency under the General Skilled Migration (GSM) program. It is better to refer the Skilled Occupation (SOL) List for entire list of occupation.

Authority of Skill Appraisal

Before migrating to Down Under, as a skilled migrant, one must get his skills duly assessed by the related national assessment authority. VETASSESS is the appraisal authority for the respective occupation. For gaining points for qualification or work experience, it is vital to submit all kinds of related documents to respective skills assessing authority.

On the basis of the documents, this authority will offer advice to the particular department on one’s work experience or qualification. These advices are considered by the department while assigning points for the qualification or work experience.

If the obtained qualification does not suit the nominated occupation and for gaining points, the assessing authority will not provide advice to that particular department. In this situation, it is best to contact VETASSESS (Vocational Education Training and Assessment Services). They can guide and provide a proper opinion on the relevant qualification.

Registration or Licensing Necessities

In most of the occupations, it is crucial to obtain the license form authority in the state or territory wherein one needs to practice his occupation. For getting the required information about the registration or licensing requirements, one needs to contact the local authority in the particular state or territory.

Professional Bodies

One may get advantage from becoming a member of respective industries according to his specific occupation. This might assist him with the employment prospects, professional development, networking and contact with the industries. It will also arm him with crucial information and support.

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