Business Broker

If you have an eye for business then Australia should be your next workplace!

There are two reasons for this:

First, Skills Australia is on the lookout for individuals who work as independent agents for buying and selling businesses. Second, the country is host to tremendous many business opportunities in sectors such as ICT, Extraction, Services, Healthcare and Tourism.

A vacuum is being observed in Australia at various patches in the economy. Post recession, the country has done well to nourish different sectors with money and skills. But, its domestic stock of skilled workers is nearing completion. The gates have therefore been opened under the purview of skilled immigration. ASRI has listed the occupation of a Business Broker as per the ANZSCO classification 612111.

The vacancies have been shown on three lists – Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List, RSMS Occupations List and Labour Market Testing Required for 457 list. The interested individuals can browse through the lists for all the specifications and the eligibility criteria. Skills Australia mentions it clearly that-

The professionals are required to mediate the buying and selling of businesses to prospective buyers and sellers. One should have access to all the information on businesses which have good viability and are open for buying and selling. The brokers are expected to have all the licensing and registration requirements to provide such mediation. One must be able to offer valuation of businesses and a likewise advice on the terms of settlement. This also includes compliance with the business policies, arranging finance, brokerage and maintenance services. Evidently, the job demands a lot of academic and professional credentials from the intending immigrants.

On the eligibility criteria, the immigrants need to have skills that come at par with

  1. AQF Certificate III and 2 years of on-the-job training
  2. AQF Certificate IV

Skills Australia allows the immigrants to substitute Formal education with a relevant experience of 3 years.

The applicants need to apply for the work visa under the following 4 categories-

  1. Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (subclass-187)
  2. Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass- 186)
  3. Standard Business Sponsorship (subclass – 457)
  4. Skilled Independent Visa (through Skillselect)

Australia has been a breeding ground for opportunities for the new world. Businesses are evolving in the field of medical tourism, healthcare, natural resources, insurance and financial services. But all this gets subdued because of the dearth of people who can promote such opportunities. This is therefore a great opportunity for the people who already have a rich and relevant experience in promoting businesses. Immigrants can utilize such opportunities on skilled migration for experiencing a new high in their career.

One needs to understand the specifications for the said job and place the ‘Expression of Interest’ on Skillselect. Invitations would be sent to applicants who have found a good rank on the merit list and address well the nominated occupation on the CSOL. Compared to other countries this is easier as Australia has a well placed immigration program and innumerable opportunities to match your skills.

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