Property Manager

Your networking abilities in the field of renting or leasing properties can get you the work visa for Australia.

Not many of the immigrants are aware of the fact that ‘skills’ don’t need to be exemplified through higher education or a lucrative work experience. Your ability to induce businesses through networking, relationship building, promotion and marketing can also fetch you a good occupation in a country like Australia. Particularly in context to immigration such jobs open up opportunities for individuals who have vast experience in related fields.

ASRI has opened up vacancies for ‘Property Manager’ under the code number 612112. The professionals are required who have a good experience of dealing in immovable properties. The eligibility criteria speaks of following key requirements-

  • Skills that commensurate academic and professional experience of AQF certificate III and 2 years of experience in a similar work/business
  • AQF certificate IV and ‘on job training’ for higher jobs

Individuals who lack the formal education can substitute this with 3 years of experience in the field of renting or leasing.

What makes this a good opportunity is the fact that most immigrant jobs are technology intensive. Only a little number of jobs comes in the field of marketing and business expansion. Also, the real estate is an emerging field in Australia. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reveals that the House Price Index for 8 capital cities in the country has risen by 2.3%. This clearly is a sign of recovery for a country that had to lower the interest rates during the recession. For the immigrants, this comes as a lifetime opportunity to make build a great career.

If you intend to make an ‘Expression of Interest’ (EOI), then following are some key inputs on getting the work visa-

  1. The visa for the said job can be applied under Employer Nomination Scheme ENS, Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme, Business Sponsorship and the Skilled Independent visa
  2. Under absence of any sponsorship, the EOI has to be placed on Skillselect to undergo the points test
  3. One must be able to get at least 60 points on Skillselect to become eligible for immigration
  4. Invitation would be sent to only the most competent of the lot
  5. One must make sure that the occupation is actually highlighted on the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List ‘CSOL’, or otherwise the application would be rejected
  6. One must have a valid license for working as a Property Manager in Australia and strictly adhere to the guidance notes on the work area. Also, the country has 100 point identity checks on residential tenancy laws. It is therefore very important to undertake a training course prior to getting registered at the governing bodies.
  7. IELTS certificate ‘International English Language Test Score’ that certifies your efficiency with the official language
  8. Proper documentation of all the relevant papers on nationality, residence, education, work experience and skills
  9. Clearance on issues relating to health, finance and legal hassles

Ideally, the services of an immigration service should be availed for a prompt response and a legitimate work.

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