Real Estate Agency Principal

The professionals in the real estate industry can now utilize their expertise and knowledge for better prospects in Australia.

ASRI ‘Australia Skills Recognition Information’ has identified a wide demand of such professionals to expand the horizon on the industry. The recession is over and the housing sector in Australia is showing marks of improvement. The interest rates have been lowered and buying a house has been made more affordable. The effects can be observed at cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth. REIA ‘Real Estate Institute Australia’ reveals that the Mean House Prices were up by 4% during the year 2013. The Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) has predicted a very positive scenario on investment in this sector leading to surplus of jobs.

The opportunities in the sector are therefore bound to come and skilled immigrants do have a good chance to grab them. ASRI has recently opened vacancies of Real Estate Agency Principal in the code name of 612113. Getting a work visa depends on the following eligibility criteria-

  1. Skills that commensurate with AQF Associate Degree or an Advanced Diploma
  2. Three years of relevant experience in buying and selling immovable assets / properties as substitute to formal education
  3. On the job training to meet requirements of a higher occupation

The professionals need to put an ‘EOI’ – Expression of Interest on Skillselect to get a visa under Skilled Independent Visa. The application is sorted through numerous many similar applications based on selective filtration. Only the most competent individuals are sent the invitation to live and work in Australia. In order to cut-down upon the competition the intending immigrants can also take the route of Sponsorship. The work visa can be applied under-

  • Employer Nomination Scheme
  • Regional Sponsorship Migration Scheme
  • Long term Business Sponsorship

It is however recommended to get a valid license and registration to represent a real estate agency. One needs to apply for an application at offices such as The Real Agents and Business Agents Supervisory Board or the office of Business and Consumer Affairs. In capacity of a principal one must also make sure that he or she has complete information on the residential guidelines, security checks and bylaws on tenancy. A lot of institutes inside and outside of Australia offer training in this segment. A valid license and the know-how on buying and selling properties makes you better prepared for this occupation.

Whether you get the work visa or not depends on how you deal with documentation. Immigration is subjected to multi-level security checks on issues pertaining to nationality, law, residence, identity, finance and health. It is therefore imperative to provide all the relevant papers without fail. Across the world, 1/3rd of the applications are rejected just because they are held deficient. One must therefore take utmost care on providing all the information and documents to substantiate that. You need to also make sure that the nominated occupation is actually highlighted on the CSOL ‘Consolidated Skilled Occupation List’.

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