Are You Skilled Worker, Interested In Migrating To Australia?

Australia is a well developed and sought after nation among immigrants. Many people are migrating to this famous immigration hotspot nowadays, due to the amazing visa options and economic stability that it offers. Not only just in terms of professional growth, it offers a much peaceful and better quality of life to aspirants.

Any skilled worker interested in migrating to Australia can now easy fulfill his wish. The Australian Immigration department and ministry has made avaialble several categories of visa. One of these categories is Australia General Skilled Migrant Program. In this scheme, any skilled worker/professional can apply if he is not being sponsored by his employer and is interested in immigration to Australia.

Essential Requirements

For any candidate, it is integral that he fulfills the bare minimum eligibility conditions/requirements. These conditions on which one one’s eligibility is evaluated are:

  1. Age (should be under 50);
  2. Language skills (Competent English skills);
  3. Post secondary Education;
  4. Professional skills and qualification;
  5. Nominated occupation should be approved and mentioned on the MODL list;
  6. Work experience (should be recent and at least of 1 year from last 2 years); and
  7. Australian qualification immunity in case of zero work experience.

When a candidate’s application is being reviewed, many other factors are also considered, such as medical and security assessment, along with financial strength.

How Long Does It Take To Get Application Processed?

For different visa categories, namely, Visitor’s Visa, PR Permit and Professional/Skilled Visa, processing time is different.

Can A Candidate Take His Family Along?

Any skilled worker interested in migrating to Australia can take along his family. The applicant’s family’s application is included in the principal candidate’s submission.

Family members are listed as (as per the law of the country)

  1. Husband/wife (or any lawful cohabiting partner)
  2. Children (under 18)
  3. Depending members (for instance, aging parents)

In case the children are older than 18, but applicant’s interested in migrating with them, then the latter has to prove this to the authorities that kids above 18 are also dependent on him for completion of the basic necessities.

Is Your Profession In Demand In Australia?

The Australian Authorities maintain Migration occupations in the demand list which contains all names of profession with high demand for skilled professionals. Against this backdrop, the aspirants can check the list to seek whether there’s demand for their skills.

Application Process

Submissions can be availed, filled and submitted with the help of a professional immigration agent or consultancy. These are individual and group of individuals catering to aspiring migrants’ needs for visa application and processing. These individuals and companies charge a free for their service and assist in all sphere of visa petition filing and submission.

Professional Advisors

Over the years, many scammers have cropped-up. One reason behind this scamming is the immigration costs even as not many people know about visa submission requirements, immigration law, rules, etc. Since a really good agent will never guarantee you acceptance of visa, be on your guard against such frauds.

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