South Australia Offers State Nominated Migration Options for Qualified, Skilled People

The fourth biggest state of Australia, South Australia (SA), is a well developed state with great infrastructure and high growth prospects. It is fast becoming a new commercial hub for immigrants, thanks to its high economic growth rate. South Australia offers state nominated migration options for qualified and skilled persons even as the same makes it immensely easy for applicants to migrate to the place.

As per the rules and law of the country, State and Territory governments can independently propose visa applicants. This nomination process is done after assessing the applicant’s profession–and if there is shortage of skills for that particular professional–State and Territory governments make nominations.

The SA, too, nominates aspirants for professionals with shortage of skilled professionals. If you are interested in such a nomination, staying updated with the skill shortage list provided by the SA government would do you no harm.

If there is a shortage of a profession, then interested candidates can contact the government, and seek information on sponsorship and other important things, like; for instance, facilities and economic growth of the state.

Even if the candidate is given a state nomination, one should understand that this is not the granting of visa but only the nomination. After the nomination, the application will be further assessed and evaluated based on the eligibility evaluation system.

Eligibility Requirement

One should be of not more than 49 years of age at the time when the submission is being reviewed by decision makers. These are also needed:

  1. The nominated profession should be on the State Nominated occupation list;
  2. Positive skills assessment of the candidate (from a reputed and recognized skill assessment authority);
  3. GSM skills assessment;
  4. Work experience (paid skilled work requirement of one year from past 3 years) even as work experience waiver is available in some categories;
  5. Competent language skills (English); and
  6. Financial Capacity (combined cash and assets).

There are several other subclasses and categories of eligibility requirement which can be elaborately found on the SA official website, or through a well experienced immigration agent. For taking along family and other members, one can check for different provisions available.

Petition Processing

For a candidate, whose visa application is classified under the skilled provisional Nomination Subclass 489/190, the petition takes on an average of four weeks to process.

Different nominated visa applications are categorized as Employer Nomination Applications (classified under the regional sponsored migration program), Business Migration Nomination Application, etc. Time taken can also stretch from 2 weeks to 25 days in some particular applications.

The SA offers state nominated migration options for qualified, skilled persons even while the nominated candidates get several benefits. In case of a state nomination and approval, the aspirant gets an extra 5 points (10 if it’s a provisional visa) when applying for permanent residence. A state nominated professional gets a better and higher range of professional options, as compared to those with GSM nominations.

If you are seeking the help of an immigration agent then ensure that your agent is licensed or registered with MARA (migration Agents Registration Authority). A state nomination will benefit you in the long run so interested skilled professionals can keep checking for shortage list of skills with south Australian official immigration website.

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