Are You Aware That Australia Needs Skilled Workers In Many Professions?

A developed economy with technically advanced infrastructure, Australia is a country with high immigration rate. This is because of the better opportunities it is offering to the professionals. The kind of growth one can expect in Australian Economic sectors is unmatched in India or other developing countries, even as the same is due to the major gap in currency exchange rate which makes a person financially strong.

New researches and surveys show that Australia needs skilled workers in many professions. In fact, not only for upper management professionals, the demand is high for labor positions, like electricians, mechanics, high-end welders, etc. A recent report reveals that more than 500,000 skilled workers are needed in Down Under.

Actually, many companies in the country are on an aggressive hiring spree, and recruiting (or wish to do so) local as well as overseas skilled talent. As the local talent is not available, in the required quantity for filling of the low skill positions, like electricians, mechanics, etc., in remote Australian areas more overseas professionals are being sought for such job-openings.

The report in question also shows that certain skills like Project Engineers or even geologists were not available easily in the country. Engineering professionals, IT professionals, accounting professionals, registered nurses, etc., are highly sought for the many openings in the Kangaroo Land.

To help provide complete information of what’s in demand to the talented immigrant aspirants, the immigration department makes available the detailed list of MODL (Migration Occupations in the Demand List).

Several vacant Jobs available in different professions

As Australia needs skilled workers in many professions, MODL is amended keeping in notice the current changes and shortages in skilled professionals. Some professionals included in the list are External Auditor, Cartographer, Civil Engineer, Taxation Accountant, Urban and regional Planner, Metallurgist, Sonographer, Special Needs teacher, etc.

On July 1, 2013, the list was reviewed and some professions were removed from the list, namely, hospital pharmacist, Aircraft maintenance Engineer (Avionics, Structures, mechanical), and Retail Pharmacist.

Are you a professional? Keep reading…

Those with proper educational qualification in professionals listed on the MODL can easily apply for a visa to immigrate to the country. All applications are evaluated following one point based evaluation method and the eligibility criteria for applying to immigrate to Australia are:

  1. Competent English Skill (Language is a must)
  2. Finance (in order to support him/herself while still not in a job)
  3. Medical and security Checks (these are integral for maintaining the security standards of the country)
  4. Age (Anyone under 50 is eligible)
  5. A Valid Passport

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