Arizona Sheriff threatened to be Sued by the Justice Department!

The Government of the United States is all set of sue a prominent sheriff from Arizona if he refuses to cooperate in an investigation regarding the said discrimination against illegal immigrants. This has been reports by the officials. Sheriff Joe Arpaio from the Maricopa County is known for his avid perusal as well as the hard treatment when it comes to illegal migrants. This has made him a hero amongst some in Arizona while hated by others.

Arpaio has been warned through a letter by the Justice Department that the government would not hesitate to take up judicial proceedings if the Maricopa Country Sheriff County (MCSO) continues with its current stand and refuses to cooperate with the investigation by the Division.

The investigation was started by the Justice Department in March 2009 after allegations regarding discrimination against the Hispanics by Arpaio. The Sheriff has come under scrutiny for his actions which includes sweeping the streets by the police, outside restaurants as well as factories.

According to a spokesperson from the Sheriff’s office, all the duties have been accomplished by MCSO with full responsibility, honorably as well as truthfully. With this, these duties have been performed in accordance with the laws both state and federal.

The lawyers representing the sheriff have asked for a fresh meeting with the federal agents as per Xochitl Hinojosa, a spokeswoman from the Justice Department. It is also being demanded that all the documents to be submitted by Arpaio and let the sheriff office facilities be accessible to all the investigators.

The recent implementation of the immigration law in Arizona has led to quite a debate in the state. At the same time, some of the key points in the law have been blocked by a federal judge.

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