British Businesses Plan to Relocate Jobs!

With the recent decision of the UK government bringing about a cap on immigration especially from the non EU nations, many businesses in Britain have warned that would be forced to deploy all the jobs overseas. This also includes India as due to the new immigration policies, there would be a severe shortage of skilled professionals in UK.

With the above on the move, it would be soon that jobs pertaining to call centers based in Britain and other occupations regarding Finance and Information Technology would be shifted to other nations. These nations would be especially the ones where in it would be less expensive and easy to find the required staff.

The above warning has come about when Damian Green, the Immigration Minister for Britain was to come to India on a visit for three days. The main purpose of this visit to guarantee the Ministers as well as the businesses that the new policies are not about creating more barriers or closing the doors. It is about bringing controlled immigration with a system that is quick and fair.

According to a new survey, about two-thirds of those who suggested of relocating the jobs preferred to shift to India and another one-third intended to move to China. The survey said that the employers wanted the best professionals. They are not bothered about the origin of these workers. This was not possible with the local employees who do not fit the bill.

As per an official from the British Chambers of Commerce, the companies in Britain are not against hiring local people but they find it difficult to find such professionals who meet their eligibility criteria along with the required attitude and motivation which is important for their business to flourish.

On the other hand, the various businesses in the nation have also said that these new rules can be a threat and might lead to damaging relations with other nations. This is specifically true for nations like China and India. This is because the nation required the markets and entrepreneurial skills from these nations at one point of time.

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