Arizona style anti immigrant law for California?

According to the Sacramento Bee report, California office of the Secretary of the State has authorized anti-immigrant law similar to that of Arizona for the ballots scheduled in 2012.

Last year in September Michael Erickson submitted this law also called “Support federal immigration law act”. Michael Erickson is a former chairperson of the Sonoma County Republican Party; he is also a tea party activist. He explained this law in detail on October 6th on the website Republicans for the national interest. He reported to the Bee that he worked with a team of legal advisers on the Arizona bill, erasing all the controversial aspects of the bill which is currently being challenged in the courts.

Erickson said that the Arizona senate bill requires the police officers to check any person, if there is slightest doubt of the person being undocumented. He further added that since the legislature is controlled by the democrats it’s the people who may have to assert themselves.

Valid signatures of the number 433,971 have to be accumulated by Michael Erickson by 21st April 2011. He spoke to Bee saying that he would like to bring this measure before the voters for the 2012 ballot.

Bee has provided some more insights in to the proposed anti immigrant law for California going by Erickson’s statements. Firstly the volunteers at the tea network could play a key role in passing the legislation. The bill will consider hiring illegal immigrants a state crime, intentionally or with negligence on the part of the employer. Even seeking work without being documented will be considered a state crime.

Police, sheriff’s, deputies highway patrol, and other officers can look in to the the immigration status of any individual in case found suspicious.

The difference of the Californian law from that of Arizona would be that the police officers would require to quickly get in touch with the immigration officials and could not investigate the held person for too long. This bill would also empower the authorized residents to take legal action against those officers who failed in the bill enforcement.

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