Immigration Authorities Prohibited from women’s shelters!

Canadian authorities intending to deport undocumented immigrants would be barred from performing raids at shelters and places where women are treated for abuse.

The same has been confirmed by the Canadian Border Services Agency, as the same would soon come out with a directive to its officers, prohibiting them from barging in or waiting outside such places.

According to Fariah Chowdhury, who is an organizer with Shelter Sanctuary Status, it is just a small initiative towards making the city a safer place for women who are having illegal/undocumented status or are decked with ambiguous status.

Fariah went on to say that struggle from our side should continue in order to ensure that services of such kind come out more often for the people with undocumented status. In addition, these services would make the city a safer place to live in.

Under the policy, places which would be covered are: women’s shelters, centers meant for rape-crisis women, drop-in-centers, group counseling houses and organizations which cater to abused women, to name a few.

In addition to this, Canada is decked with more than five lacks people who have undocumented status but are residing in the nation.

The step would assist women with undocumented status and suffering from any kind of abuse in Canada. More services of such kind are required in future.

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