Concerns of South Australians being Worked Through!

The Australian Immigration Minister Chris Bowen is hoping that once all the relevant concerns are clarified, the South Australians would be more comfortable with the opening of an immigration detention centre. As of now, constant protests have been taking place against the opening of this facility.

The Minister had attended a meeting with the residents from the Adelaide Hills and has called the meeting as being productive. He mentioned that strong opinions came about support the formation of the centre. At the same time, there were equally strong views against it. There were others who were present to be more aware of the issue.

He also said that he felt it was necessary for him to go to the meeting, answer their queries and deal with the concerns involved. At the same time, the government is working on finding solutions for the concerns raised by the people.

The family groups of asylum seekers are being planned by the government to be shifted to a defense accommodation. This accommodation is located at Inverbrackie. This plan is also being opposed by a small community near Woodside.

The Minister also said that some people also raised issues pertaining to services regarding health and education to which he was able to cater to the information. Above all, the government is able to work through concerns which legitimate and valid.

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