Canada, most popular immigration destination for 2011!

The officials from the Canadian government have revealed that the level of immigration in Canada would be must higher. The main reason behind this is the constantly ageing population along with low birth rates. Jason Kenney, the Minister for Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism is expecting a count of somewhere between 240,000 and 265,000 as new permanent residents for the next year.

According to the minister, the economy of the nation post recession needs an increased level of legal migration so as to keep the workforce of the nation strong. This labor force growth would only be catered to by immigration in the coming five years.

If looked into what is being expected in 2011, it is clearly visible that the Federal Skilled Migrant program would be the key for most of the migrants walking into the nation. It is being estimated that about 25 percent of the fresh arrivals would be settling down in provinces outside British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario. This figure is a rise from the initial 11 percent in 1997. The program caters to professionals such as managers and professionals, technicians and tradespersons.

Canada is also known to be population destination for the Irish migrants. A major influx of Irish migrants has been witnessed who have been coming to Canada to seek employment opportunities and so on.

On the other hand, when it comes to the policies pertaining to immigration, the Canadian government caters to some of the most flexible laws which make it easy for the applicant to apply. Also, the nation also caters to certain post landing services which make it easy for the immigrants to settle down in the local society.

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