Armenia Immigration, Permanent Residency—A Passing Look

Armenia is a small yet a dynamic country, and if you want to enjoy life to the fullest, you can never overlook Armenia. This country has splendid weather conditions and most of the months are hovered by autumn and winter season. If you love sports and culture, Armenia will captivate you in the best way.

According to the recent survey, it was also found the Armenian girls are the most beautiful in the world. So, if you want everything under one roof (literally), Armenia can promise you that every single time. On a serious note, now, as an amateur, it is evident that you are not fully aware of how to streamline the immigration to Armenia. Well, don’t be skeptic about it! In this piece you will get to know everything that can help you move easily to the nation.

You can also avail an immigration consultant to simplify everything that you need to know about immigration to Armenia. However, for a basic understanding, you can always bank upon this piece, if you have decided to move to the country this year.

The immigration destination derives a great deal of investments from Armenians who are based abroad. They undertake payload investments in the Armenian economy even as such initiatives have been helping the country to grow and thrive. There are a great deal of provisions pertaining to the Armenian immigration, and if you are alien to them, then just take a brief look at how you can effectively move to the overseas hotspot!

The visa processing for the nation is simple. There is no special requirement that is sought. So, all you need to have is an Expression of Interest (EoI) to move to the country. If you are an individual from European Union (EU) or European Free Trade Agreement countries, you can come to the country for a short sojourn of 180 days, without a visa.

However, in case of the nationals representing some other countries, they will have to file for visa, and it will be issued for up to 120 days, i.e. the guest can stay in the nation for a maximum of 120 days, unless of course he decides to extend the validity of the permit.

Now, one may think that why people are increasingly resorting to Armenia for Permanent Residency (PR). In that case, reckon this–no prior experience, skilled work capabilities, language proficiency makes it pretty simple to go for the Armenian immigration. You can opt for immigration to the country as an entrepreneur, student, spouse or ethnic Armenian, without any hassle whatsoever.

However, if you are enthusiastic towards acquiring the permanent residency, you can be granted the same only if you are an active investor, and you have undertaken an investment by setting up industries and factories in the country. If you do that, then you would be eligible to claim PR in the nation.

Ethnic Armenians–whose ancestors were Armenians–can also apply for PR in Armenia. At the same time, if you have spouse and partner living in Armenia and you want to unite with them, in that case also you can avail Armenian immigration benefits.

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