Decoding USA Family Green Card Visa–Green Card

The USA Green Card gives you a legal status to live and work in the nation permanently. It is a legal proof that its holder is a law abiding US permanent resident, and is officially entitled to access associated benefits. The visa holder can be deported to their native country under only certain circumstances, such as if he fails to meet certain conditions.

Are you eager to obtain the USA Family Green Card Visa (Green Card Visa)?

If yes, then you may obtain if you are:

  • Any family member of an American citizen who may include unmarried children below the age of 18, spouse or any parent of an American citizen petitioner of 21 or older.
  • Any family member of a legal Green Card Holder which may include either spouse or unmarried children of the sponsor.
  • Any family member of an American citizen who may include unmarried children, son and daughter, married children (any age) or else siblings of petitioner of 21 or older.

Those who wish to acquire USA Family Green Card Visa (Green Card Visa) need to know that the Immigration and Nationality act permits overseas nationals to obtain the Green Card through close family ties. If you are a law-abiding American national, you are entitled to sponsor your following relatives provided you prove the family ties:

  • Unmarried children of 21 or below
  • Wife or husband
  • Married children of any age
  • Siblings (if you are of 21 years or above)

A sponsored relative will receive an immigrant visa number on the basis of their preferred category. It is divided into two different categories–limited with an annual numeric limitation, and unlimited with no numeric limitation.

US Green Card Visa–Key Features

  • Like other categories, the petitioner’s work experience and educational background do not affect the eligibility criteria.
  • As derivative accompanying relatives, the petitioner’s partner and children (unmarried) of 21 years of below are eligible for the US Green Card.
  • Your Green Card can be taken away and you may be deported to your native country only if you have misused your Green Card. On the other hand, if you have successfully spent five years or three years, if you are married and continue living in US and abide by the US laws, you may apply for US passport and citizenship.

Your chances of getting a USA Family Green Card Visa (Green Card Visa) largely depend on the fact if your sponsoring relatives are law-abiding permanent residents (Green Card holders) or American citizens. The latter are likely to be more beneficial as they can easily sponsor distant relatives, as compared to the former.

No matter how close family ties are, you cannot, under any circumstances, be granted US Citizenship straight away. And if you will be granted a visa, it will largely depend on what relation your share with your sponsor. The closer your relationship with the sponsor is the brighter are the chances.

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