UK Entrepreneur Programme–High Value Visa Category

The UK Conservative Party has consecutively won the 2015 general elections with majority. The party is committed to build a strong economy for migrants who are hard-working and go by the rules. This is a positive sign for those who wish to migrate to UK this year.

The country is full of opportunities and has the most peace full ethnic environment to help settle migrants. If you happen to be one of those applicants who wish to invest in the country or wish to expand your business venture in Europe, then for surely UK is the best country for you.

UK Entrepreneur Program–High Value Visa Category

UK Entrepreneur Program (Tier 1) is especially developed keeping in mind the demand of the non-European migrants who are keen to either invest or start or over take an existing business venture. It is a point based programme under which each petitioner is assessed on the basis of various human capitals.

The programme is introduced to attract foreign investors who are eager to enroll themselves to run a business or multiple business ventures in the overseas hotspot. Fulltime investors or business professionals who are committed to invest at least 50,000 British Pounds, or are efficient to start/overtake a business venture are eligible to file their petition.

Why UK?

The nation has an extremely developed and an open market economy for investors from diverse fields. Thanks to its geographical location and easy-to-found business partners/allies, it has been a hot destination for business investors.

  • The UK has arguably the most flexible market economy.
  • It has many trade options for investors.
  • Multiple options for business banking services.
  • Its economy is well developed, the nation has high standard of living, it offers easy access to state healthcare facilities, and the nation has some of best developed educational institutions in the world.
  • State government is extremely supportive.
  • The nation offers easy-to-avail online services to manage state government services and financial institutions.

Visa duration under the category

Initially, a visa will be issued for a period of up to three years and four months. By the end of this tenure, if you further wish to stay in the country, you can apply for an extension. Primary visa applicant may bring along their spouse, common law partners, civil partner and children (below the age of 18).

Your residence in the UK is subject to following restrictions:

  • You are not entitled to use public funds. It means you cannot claim most the state benefits.
  • You are not entitled to take any other job beside your own business venture.

To qualify you need to score at least 95 points and following are the required documents:

  • Latest passport size photographs
  • Legal proof that you have enough investments funds
  • Language score to prove your language proficiency

Legal proofs that you have enough funds to support yourself and your family members in the nation.

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