Armenia Immigration Visa — Wide Range of Options to Choose From

If you are looking for an easy to move, immigrant-friendly country, then it’s difficult to ignore Armenia. The lesser known country has started leaving a mark on the international map, thanks to its growing economy. The country is rather small and surrounded by high mountains; in no way it lets down the visitors. The nation has a rich historical background and is multi-cultural in nature.

As per an international ranking, the country offers good options to those who want to invest or start a business venture overseas. It is a member of many international organizations. Armenia has soothing continental climate–from dry-sunny summers to heavy snowfalls, one gets to experience all the shades.

For those who are thinking about Armenia Immigration and thinking of acquiring its visa, the country has a flexible and liberal immigration polices allowing free and easy movement of people. Immigration to Armenia is rather fast, and you really do not have to shed heavy fee to process your application.

Armenia immigration is a relatively easy process and the visa options are many. Like many European countries, Armenia has also given relaxation to the citizens of many countries who can visit it freely without acquiring any additional visa. For example, the citizens of the former USSR nations and European Union/European Free Trade Agreement countries can travel visa free to the nation for up to 180 days in a year.

Citizens of rest of the nations have to apply for a visa. Initially, a visa is issued for up to 120 days that can be extended for an additional 60 days. As said before, Armenia Immigration is relatively easy. Applicants are not required to make huge investments, buy property, have valid health insurance coverage nor are they expected to speak local language.

Acquiring Permanent Residence (PR) of such a developed country is rather easy and prospective immigrants do not have to get into the lengthy and complicated realm of paper documentation.

Armenia PR is issued under following three sub categories:

Temporary Residence Permit One year, subject to further extension
Permanent Residence Permit Five years, subject to further extension
Special residence Permit Ten years, subject to further extension

The nation’s work permit still has to fall into place for foreign professionals. At present, the nation does not have a fixed quota or the list of local market needs or any other restriction on enrolling foreign professionals. It’s equally easy for those who wish to start a business venture or wants to invest in Armenia both the categories are not governed by any ifs and buts. It’s easy to register a business venture in Armenia easily governed by investor-friendly company laws which are flexible in nature.

For those who want to avoid lengthy immigration process, and are looking for easy to immigrate to a peaceful country with low crime rate, the overseas hotspot is more than perfect. Not just its immigration polices are flexible but it has well developed transportation system, infrastructure, and medical healthcare institutions.

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