Hungary Immigration Visa—Wide Options to Choose From

Are you looking for an opportunity to migrate overseas to a developed and nature-blessed overseas hotspot? Is your preferred location Europe? If yes, then why not Hungary? Strategically and picturesquely located in Central Europe, the country has 1000s of reasons that make it a top immigration destination in Europe, and perhaps the whole world.

In spite of the fact that it is relatively small, in terms of geographical size, it has gained fast popularity, especially among the today’s ambitious and forward-looking youth. Every second in Hungary is worth remembering and cherishing, and why not? It does not only have a thriving economy but is also among the top 15 tourist destinations in the world. Maybe, no other city in the world can match the mesmerizing beauty and unmatched of its Capital City Budapest.

Each individual–who wishes to enter the beautiful European country–should hold a valid visa, without which he will be deported back to his native country. However, the nationals of certain specific countries have been exempted from obtaining a visa, provided they do not exceed their stay from more than 90 days in the nation.

This takes us to the title at hand! But, before we talk about Hungary Immigration Visa, let’s take a quick look on its economy. The country has a developing yet strong and stable economy, part of the famous EU single market. The country’s private sector is accountable for almost 80% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) have exceeded to almost $75 billion. Some of the nation’s most revenue generating sectors are textiles, construction materials, mining, motor vehicles and metallurgy.

Hungary Immigration Visa—What Options We Have?

Short Term Visa (C): It is valid for not more than 90 days. It allows the visa holder to enter the country once, twice or thrice, and for uninterrupted stay for fixed period of 90 days from the entry date, or else in interruption case for a total duration of three months within the last six months considering the first date of entry. The application processing may take from 10 days to two months depending on the case.

Following are the basic documents required to process the application:

  • Valid legal proof of residence
  • Valid medical insurance

Besides, the above requirements, the prospective immigrant should also prove that he has enough funds to cover his stay in Hungary along with the certificate that why he wishes to visit the country.

Long Term Visa (D): This residence permit is basically for those who wish to enter the country for a long term should. Successful applicants will receive a visa for three months with single or multiple entries. However, the stay period can be further extended but under no situation it should cross one year.

Following are the basic documents required to process the application:

  • A valid passport with a validity of at least three months at the time of submitting the application.
  • Latest passport size color photo.
  • Supporting documents to defend one’s intention of stay in the country.
  • Document proofs that the aspirant is financially and socially capable of supporting his stay in the nation.
  • Valid health insurance policy.

Besides these, the applicant may apply for Student Visa, Work Visa, Visitor Visa, Self Employed Visa, Miscellaneous Visa, Medical Visa and Tourist Visa. The list is vast and impressive. Though the country does not have stringent immigration laws, providing false information, or incorrect documents may result in termination of one’s application, and this surely will not be a rosy picture.

For more details, feel free to get in touch with an immigration expert dealing with Hungary Immigration Visa. Pay him for his professional services even as you make preparations for immigration to this amazingly beautiful immigration European destination.

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