ASB Bank Comes Forward To Assist Stranded Visitors

After so many countries have shown their assistance towards the sufferers of the volcanic ash, the ones who are left in limbo, ASB Bank New Zealand has made an attempt to help the customers whose plans have been hassled due to the same catastrophe.

Also, the volcano has incurred extra expenses on the travel plans of a majority of visitors as they now need to extend their accommodations and cancel their reservations, courtesy the delayed flight schedules.

According to spokeswoman Catherine McGrath, these visitors may find themselves in short term economical stress but the bank has arranged for special credit card policies, in addition to short term extensions to assist the concerned tourists.

She went on to confirm that they will waive off the charges which would come into existence, courtesy the extended credit card limits or late payments. But it becomes mandatory for the concerned customers to inform the bank to let them know about the consequences the eruptions has caused on their travel plans and the economic crisis which they have faces, courtesy the same.

In addition, Air New Zealand has confirmed that the volcanic ash has caused a huge blow to its financial condition, taking the loss to almost $2.5 million. Air New Zealand is expecting to clear almost 90% of the backlog hiked due to the whole incident by Sunday. Additional services have been started between Auckland and London in the upcoming scenario.

It has been hoped that things get back to normal as soon as possible.

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